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Scrap Merchants Dubai

Recycling and reusing different plastic, glass or paper products is very popular nowadays, and although not as widely known as for other materials, scrap metal recycling is an important sector in the industry and many companies specialized in this sector have emerged on the market in the last years. 

Scrap merchants in Dubai offer competitive prices for different types of metals, including copper, steel, aluminum, brass and iron. Although they usually work with people from different trades, especially in the construction and car repairing industries, who bring important quantities of steel beams from structures, copper piping, brass fixtures, wires and car parts, people from the private sector are also encouraged to bring unused metal

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Scrap Merchants in Dubai

Scrapping is the process of collecting recyclable materials, especially metals, but also some kinds of non metallic materials left over from the production or consumption of different products, like parts and components from cars or other vehicles or construction supplies. There are specialized firms in the industry that address their services to both private as well as business sectors, advertising their solutions for removing scrap metal or other materials that can be recycled in a convenient

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