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Plastic Card Manufacturers Dubai provide different types of plastic card solutions for a wide range of industries in the UAE, mostly for the retail industry, including gift cards, loyalty cards and promotional cards, for the telecom industry, including products such as prepaid phone cards and sim cards and for the banking or other corporate industries, including prepaid cards, banking debit or credit cards secured with magnetic stripe and chip, membership cards as well as identity cards.

Gift cards can be produced in a variety of options, according to the requirements and preferences of the client. Lenticular, 3D animation, flip effect, motion or zoom effect are only some of customizing elements that you can add to the cards. Special finishes and details can also be added over and above the standard printed gift cards or loyalty cards, adding great value to the perception of the cards to the consumers and increasing the sales of the specific products. Such options include embossing, de-embossing, colored and metallic foiling, holographic foiling, pattern UV varnishing, matt or gloss lamination and the adding of glitter finishes, metallic or mirror boards, spot printed colors, magnetic tape or 3D images.

The providers are also specialized in the high speed production of both mobile sim cards or prepaid options and fixed line communication prepaid cards, offering options like PIN code versions or scratch panel ones, depending on the purpose of the product.

Banking cards can be produced with different customizing options, according to the specifications of the client, all of them having the highest security level possible for this type of products. Most of the companies in Dubai specialized in plastic card manufacturing are accredited in the banking card production and allow the customization of the products to be made with the use of different elements, such as chip card encoding, magnetic stripe encoding, embossing, indent printing, thermal printing, barcode printing, as well as adding any type of logo, holographic design or photo.

Apart from the production of these application specific products, plastic card manufacturers Dubai provide designing services, offering a comprehensive range of artwork solutions for either a design provided by the client or one created by the artists with experience in the sector, according to the specifications of the client.


When deciding to work with any of these companies, you can be sure they comply to all the quality, security, environmental, health and safety standards and regulations imposed by the law. All products are guaranteed to ensure the fulfillment of any needs or expectations the client might have, while all the data handling and application safety regulations and customer confidentiality policies are strictly considered. Most of the manufacturers have experience working with companies from many different sectors and different institutions in the UAE as well as in other GCC countries, so you can be sure you will get safe and high quality customized solutions that will more than sure meet your expectations.