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Plastic cards are used by more and more people nowadays, for a variety of purposes, such as identification cards, drivers licenses, credit or debit cards, gift cards, telephone, casino or hotel key cards and for memberships in different organizations or to collect loyalty points in shops, among many others.

Plastic card manufacturers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah provide a wide range of plastic cards, from the most basic ones to the most advanced and secure ones, for a variety of purposes, including standard cards, transparent cards, chip cards, magnetic stripe cards, proximity cards, metallic cards or custom cut cards, and different services, such as design, customization, personalization and finishing services. They have suitable options for any type of organization or business, such as telecom options, including scratch, memory or SIM cards, banking options, including magnetic stripe and chip versions, government and public sector options and commercial loyalty options, for the retail, hospitality or transportation industries.

Standard or transparent options are usually used in applications that do not require a high level of safety, like for identification purposes for the employees of a specific company, as gift cards and for showing membership of an organization. Chip cards are the safest option, using the latest technology of encrypting all the needed data and are mostly used as debit or credit cards. Magnetic stripe options are used as well as credit or debit cards, and also for collecting loyalty points or using different discounts in a store. Proximity versions are usually designed to be used by employees in companies or by passengers in different public means of transportation.

After choosing the most suitable type of cards, according to the requirements of the client, the suppliers can customize their color or design, add barcodes, QR codes or different types of text, like numbers, names or functions, add a transparent or opaque signature panel, can use embossing techniques for different types of information or can use laser engraving, the most secure option which is usually used for documents, bank cards or other types of cards that require a higher level of safety. Other security options used in order to prevent fraud, are available, such as adding holograms, micro text, UV ink or OVI ink or hot stamping, the latter also being used also just for aesthetic reasons, for giving more authenticity to the card.


The plastic card manufacturers in the UAE have a vast experience with many different clients not only in the country, but also throughout the Middle East. Also, most of them are members of international organizations, hold certificates and accreditations in different sectors and comply to the standards and safety regulations in the manufacturing of these products, ensuring you of the safest solutions, no matter what the needs or requirements of your business or of the institution you represent are. Every project is carefully discussed with the client, in order to create the best products according to the specifications, to reflect the brand or achieve the required level of security.