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Since many industries experience a rapid growth in the UAE nowadays, especially in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the large format printing industry, which is closely related to many other sectors, is also expanding, catering to the increased demand of printing solutions for signage and construction and architecture related documents of larger sizes, among many other prints of greater dimensions needed in a wide range of sectors. 

The most important segments of this industry, that see the highest demand in the Middle East, are technical printing, including solutions for architectural, GIS, engineering and other construction related documents, production printing which provides options for posters, different types of indoor and outdoor signs, exhibits and banners, and creative printing, including prepress, photography and fine art printing. 

When deciding what type of large format printers to purchase for your business, there are a few factors that should be taken into consideration, such as the type of prints that you intend to produce and their applications in specific industries, whether there might be a need for lamination for some of the products, the substrates that you will be printing on, the volumes of prints that you are looking to produce and the printing speeds required for them, whether you will need black only or multicolor ink solutions, depending on the purpose of the products, and most importantly, the sizes of the prints that will be produced with the specific pieces of equipment. 

Also, it is important to decide if it would be better to purchase a printer only solution or a multifunctional system configuration, that comes with either a scanner mounted on top of the printer, also known as single footprint device, or with a standalone scanner that although being a different device, sits adjacent to the printer. 

If you are looking to produce a great number of prints in the shortest time possible, the speed of the machine used for this plays a crucial role in the efficiency of the process. Usually, the speed of a printer represents the physical output speed of the print engine, but other elements, such as the digital file processing time and the paper handling, should be considered as they can influence the rapidity of the entire process and contribute to the overall productivity of the equipment.

No matter what large format printers you decide to purchase in the end, it is mostly essential to make sure that their printing capacity matches the volumes of work you look forward to achieve, as well as to understand that the chosen technologies should be suitable for the substrates that you are most likely to use. If you still cannot make up your mind on the right solution for your business, any of the digital printing  equipment suppliers in the UAE can recommend the options that perfectly match your needs and requirements.