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The printing industry is a vast sector that implies solutions for a variety of products. For the products that can not fit in a regular sized printer, there are larger format printers, which come in different widths, to suit any type of project. There is an increased demand of large format signs and displays on the UAE market, and it continues to grow in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, due to the expansion of the transportation, retail, building and hospitality sectors in the region. Larger prints of different types are needed by both small businesses and famous international brands, as point of purchase displays or advertising banners, in order to promote their products or services or to show their promotions, as well as by various institutions and non-profit organizations.

Being able to print directly to substrate on different materials like paper, plastic, metal, glass, wood and fabric, there are many application possibilities with larger format printers, and these prints can be seen everywhere on a daily basis, including in shopping malls or grocery stores, at different events, on all types of vehicles, in bus stations or airports and on retail displays.

This type of printers are used in a variety of applications in many different sectors, including the printing of indoor and outdoor advertising signs, informational signs, CAD applications, large art prints or photo prints, posters, backlit signs, displays, banners, textiles, floor and floor mats graphics, wallpapers, larger maps, murals, vehicle wraps, fleet graphics, billboards, building coverings and wraps, window graphics, as well as ceramic tiles, table top and seating decorations, among many others.

When choosing the most suitable type of printer for your business applications that require a wider version, it is important to select the right platform for your requirements. True flatbed inkjet printers allow an extremely precise printing process and are a good option for printing on sheets of different rigid or flexible substrates, including plastic, wood, glass, foam boards and paper. Roll to roll inkjet printers are designed to be used for rolls of flexible materials and are recommended for printing posters, banners and other signs. Hybrid printers can work with all types of materials and are a flexible option when you need to print both on flexible and rigid materials. The latter are considered to be the best investment for a printing company, since they can be used for the production of the widest range of products, being cost effective as more types of applications can be done with a single piece of machinery.

Other factors that should be taken into consideration when deciding on an wider format printer are the speed of printing, the quality of the prints it creates, the variety of colors it can create, its ability to support the anticipated printing volumes, the burst capacity, its size, the speed of changing the substrates between jobs and the overall operational costs, including energy consumption, ink, print heads replacement and maintenance requirements.


Printing equipment suppliers in Dubai provide a great selection of both regular and larger format printers for any type of application. Having experience in working with many companies in the Middle East, they will understand your needs and manage to find the best printing solution for your business.