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digital printers Middle Eas

Digital printing is a relatively new printing method that is used in a variety of sectors, representing an economically viable way of producing low to medium volumes of prints and usually recommended for small to mid-sized companies. It implies creating a final output from any digital image or text, without the need of any intermediary steps or any preparation process.

This method has become popular in the last years due to the lower costs implied in producing small runs, since it does not imply any pre-press expenses, compared to offset printing, which requires specific plates to be created for each project. Also, digital presses can be set up in a very short time and are capable of producing the desired prints faster than lithographic printing, the latter requiring a longer time to set up. Another advantage of digital printing would be that it is the only printing method that uses a perfect registration of colors, providing consistent results from the first to the last print, without the need for time consuming plate and color changeovers.

Digital printers Dubai suppliers provide a wide range of laser, inkjet, LED, solid ink and dye sublimation printers, as well as large format digital printers, that can be used on a variety of substrates, such as coated or uncoated paper, textile materials, glass, ceramic and metal.

When deciding on the best choice of printing solutions for at home use, office use or for use in small and medium businesses, the type of applications as well as the needed printing volumes are the most relevant things to be considered. Inkjet printers, although slower than other types, are the most inexpensive solutions for creating multicolored outputs and are the most suitable option for photo printing. Laser and LED technologies are also cheap solutions and are mostly used for the fast printing of documents in offices. Dye sublimation printers offer high quality imaging and color consistency and are usually used for point of sale displays, trade show exhibits and different promotional products. Large format versions deliver detailed pictures, bold colors and deep image saturation on a wide range of media and are necessary for printing posters, indoor and outdoor banners, wall wraps, window signs and other larger ads and displays. With all these types of printers there is a choice of either black ink only or multicolored ink, and selecting the best solution should be made considering the type of outputs that are intended to be created.


If you want to find out more about the available printing solutions for your business applications, you can contact any of the digital printers Dubai suppliers, who can answer to any enquiries you might have and recommend the most suitable versions for coated or uncoated paper or other substrates that you are going to use, taking into consideration if you are mostly interested in document or photo printing solutions. They provide high quality products manufactured by world renowned companies in the industry, including printers, as well as multifunctional machines with printing, scanning and copying options, with the latest technologies on the market.