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digital printers UAE

Digital printers Dubai

Digital printing is a relatively new printing method that is used in a variety of sectors, representing an economically viable way of producing low to medium volumes of prints and usually recommended for small to mid-sized companies. It implies creating a final output from any digital image or text, without the need of any intermediary steps or any preparation process.

This method has become popular in the last years due to the lower costs implied in producing small runs, since it does not imply any pre-press expenses, compared to offset printing, which requires specific plates to be created for each project. Also, digital presses can be set up in a very short time and are capable of producing the desired prints faster than lithographic

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Digital printers in Dubai

Digital printing is a modern cost and time efficient on demand method of printing a digital based image by sending it directly to the printer, without the need of using a printing plate or a press, like in offset printing. This type of printing can be done with both inkjet and laser printers and on a variety of materials, such as different types of paper, gloss, satin or matte photographic paper, canvas, glass, marble and metal, among many others.

The advantages of digital printing include

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