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There are a wide range of paper products available on the market nowadays, the ones mostly used in all offices being paper sheets for writing, copying on printing on laser or inkjet printers. The most important aspects that should be taken into consideration when deciding which are the most suitable products of this type for your business are the purposes you are going to use them for, as well as the colour, weight and finish of the sheets.

While mostly white, together with ivory or other neutral colours are usually preferred for documents and business communication, there are a variety of other specialty colours options are also available. When it comes to choosing the most suitable paper weight, the rule is that the heavier the basic weight of the sheet, the thicker, durable and more impressive it is. The finish of the paper refers to the treatment applied to the surface of the paper so that it becomes smooth, glossy or rough.

Printer and copier paper, which are the most used types of paper, especially in offices, can be divided in various categories, like general purpose, inkjet or specialty paper and larger size paper which needs to be used with a specific type of equipment, such as larger format printers. General purpose sheets are the standard option for most types of printers and photocopiers, being also one of the cheaper paper types. Inkjet printer paper is specifically designed to be used with such printers, in order to get the highest quality prints, especially in the case of photos. This option is created to absorb the ink well and offer rich and vibrant colour solutions. Specialty paper is designed for certain industries and includes photographic paper in a variety of finishes, such as glossy matte or satin versions, iron on transfer paper for different textiles and paper of different transparencies for a wide array of uses. Large size paper is mostly used in the printing industry for the production of posters, wallpapers, banners or ads and also comes in coated and uncoated options, in a variety of finishes. Before deciding on the most suitable solution for your equipment, it is advisable to read the printer or photocopier user manual or booklet before selecting the paper, in order to get the expected results.

Paper products suppliers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi offer a great selection of products to private, as well as corporate clients in the UAE and in other countries in the Middle East, including paper sheets in many different colours and textures, specifically created for a variety of purposes, such as writing, copying, printing or drawing, notebooks, notepads, paper rolls, adhesive labels, file folders and envelopes together with many other stationery products for office use.