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Paper manufacturing implies a series of different processes, from wood preparation, pulping, bleaching, chemical recovery and pulp drying, to the actual paper making. Some manufacturers also offer paper converting services, such as coating or box making, among many others.

Wood preparation consists of taking the primary raw material, wood in this case, which usually comes in logs, and cutting it into chips, before further processing it. Pulping represents the separation of the wood chips into single cellulose fibers and can be done through a chemical, semi-chemical or mechanical process, the chemical and semi-chemical options being the most widely used in the industry. The following step is bleaching, which implies removing the color from the pulp by applying different chemicals on it, depending on the purpose of the material that is intended to be manufactured. After this step, comes the chemical recovery of the spent cooking substances used in the pulping process. Only after all of these steps, the pulp is blended with water, dried and refined, in order to add density or strength, depending on the requirements for specific paper end products. 

Paper manufacturers in Dubai, with years of experience of providing their products to companies in the UAE and in other countries throughout the Middle East, in a wide range of sectors, perform all of these processes, either specializing only in pulping, bleaching or actual manufacturing of different products, or offering integrated complete operations of transforming wood into the desired type of paper. They offer a wide range of types of coated and uncoated paper, cardboard and corrugated board that can be purchased either in rolls or sheets, depending on the application of the client. The rolls and sheets can be purchased in standard sizes or customized upon request, according to the requirements and needs of the customer. The high quality products that are provided ensure superior performance in the various sectors they are created for and are recyclable, being friendly to the environment. The products purchased from paper manufacturers in Dubai can be used in many different applications, such as the production of consumer and industrial packaging, cups, lids, folding cartons, paper bags, posters, copying and laser and inkjet printing paper, writing paper in all of its forms, stationery and products used for hygiene. Choosing the right type of paper should be done considering the strength needed for a specific product, as well as the aesthetics, in some cases.