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Paper is used universally nowadays for a variety of purposes, such as writing, printing, packaging, cleaning and in a number of industrial and construction processes. Since paper products are used in every home, school or business in any sector, there is a great demand for such products. Considering the fact that all industries are currently expanding in the UAE, especially in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, there is an even higher demand of paper products.

Paper manufacturers in Dubai use the latest technologies in machinery in the sector to produce and supply a wide range of pulp, paper and board products for the printing, packaging, hygiene and many other sectors. Their offer includes bleached softwood or hardwood Kraft pulp, fluff pulp, different types and colors of paper for the printing and publishing industries, label paper, coated paper, cardboard, coated board, grey board, chipboard, core board, fluting, duplex board, triplex board, folding box board, bleached and unbleached Kraft paper, bulky book paper, carbonless paper, drawing paper, greaseproof paper, impermeable coated paper, metalized paper, metalized label paper, playing cardboard, self adhesive paper, thermal paper and toilet, napkin, towel and facial tissues. These types materials of different colors, textures, thickness, rigidity, density, opacity, porosity and absorption power can be used in different sectors and for varied purposes and can easily be converted into printing, copying or writing sheets of different sizes, corrugated and solid fiber boxes, paperboard boxes, fiber cans, drums, folding board boxes, coated and laminated packaging for different products in the food and beverages or cosmetic industries, sanitary food containers, disposable cups, coated, uncoated or laminated paper bags, die-cut paper and cardboard products, sanitary products, envelopes or different stationery products, depending on the requirements for each specific kind of product.

The manufacturers can recommend the most suitable type of pulp, depending on your needs, requirements and the final application you are going to use it for. Whether you are a printing company, a book publisher or a media publisher, you can find all the supplies you need for your professional activity, from paper with various whiteness and opacity levels to gloss paper. Also, the manufacturers provide all kinds of cardboard, Kraft paper or coated paper for the packaging of both lightweight or heavy products in any industry, according to the requirements of the client. You can browse through their offers or ask them to help you if you have any enquiries. They offer cost effective products for every business, in different quantities and in the shortest time.

Their teams of professionals, with a vast experience of working with many companies in the Middle East , can also offer you custom made solutions for any type of paper needs. After discussing with them the requirements for your products and the industry in which the materials are going to be used, they will find the best way to tailor their materials to suit your expectations. 

Procuring the highest quality materials from the leading paper manufacturers in the UAE can ensure you that your products will reach the standards expected by your customers.