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If you are not familiar with the pulp and paper industry, you might not know what paper converting actually refers to. It is an important part of the process of transforming raw paper created at paper mills into rolls of appropriate sizes that are afterwards transformed into  different finished paper products, such as stationery, including, paper sheets of various sizes, thicknesses, colors and finishes, envelopes, notebooks and labels, among others, books, magazines, photographic paper, boxes, paper packaging or any other types of specialty products.

Most types of paper are made from pulp that is boiled, bleached, strained, made flat and dried afterwards during the process. Then, the paper is put into large rolls that need to be cut into pieces of appropriate sizes, in order to be used in most printing presses, the process of cutting the rolls into these pieces being called paper converting, an essential part of the process of producing a wide range of paper goods. There are two types of processes, using different paper converters,  that are usually used, the one done with a slitter or the one in which a paper roll saw is used. In the case of the first option, which is the most common, the material is unwind through various blades that slit or cut it into smaller widths and then it is put again into new smaller rolls. With the second option, the large rolls are cut into smaller ones with the use of machines, without unwinding and rewinding them. In both cases, the new rolls are ready to be used in various printing sectors, for the production of the finite products. Apart from cutting, paper converting can imply other operations like grooving, punching, folding, perforating, blocking, binding, gluing or laminating.

Companies in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah offer all types of paper converting services for businesses that manufacture paper products in different sectors. They use the latest technologies available for paper convertors in order to deliver the highest quality paper rolls, according to the needs and specifications of the client and to the requirements for the specific applications they intend to use the paper rolls for. These rolls can be used not only for the manufacturing of stationery, books and printed media, but also for the production of paper cups or food containers, paper tubes, paper towels, tissues, hygienic paper or diapers. The machines used by any company specialized in paper converting allow the material to be pressed into the appropriate form and shape for each product. Also, they can be used with any type of coated or uncoated paper in any finish, although some companies are specialized only on a specific type, while others work apart from paper, also with other materials, such as foil or film.