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Paper converters can create a variety of end products, used for a wide range of purposes, from a simple roll of plain paper, crepe paper or vulcanized fiber. The most common paper converting processes available on the market are roll slitting, sheeting, flexographic printing, coating and laminating. Roll slitting is used for cutting a roll of paper to the exact width required by the client. Sheeting implies cutting a roll of paper into custom sized sheets produced to the specifications of the client. Flexographic printing is a method of printing different products, such as containers, cartons or paper cups with the required colors and designs and printing the required brand logo on them, in some cases. Coating is used to create products like tags, self adhesive labels, specialty tape or impermeable packaging for the food and beverage or cosmetic industries. Laminating is used for creating metalized paper for gift wrapping and different kinds of decorative packaging.

Paper converting companies in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Sharjah offer various custom slitting, shrink sleeve finishing, shrink sleeve label application and printing services, including logo printing for companies in all sectors. 

They use the latest technologies in paper converters, which allow them to provide an efficient and rapid process. The high quality services they provide are offered by using the best machinery in the industry, such as partition machinery for assembling and stripping, including production assemblers, multi cell, jumbo or full auto assemblers, fiber stripping and corrugated die cutting machines and slitting machinery, 

Their vast experience in working with many different businesses, institutions and companies throughout the Middle East, in industries like medical and pharmaceutical packaging, gift wrapping, school supplies, catering, hospitality and also food and beverage and industrial packaging, can assure you of their high standards and high quality custom made products that are tailor made to match your specifications. The skilled professionals at these companies use their technical analysis capability and their creative insight to create solutions that suit the exact needs and requirements of any client. They can recommend the most suitable methods, the perfect paper substrates, the shapes, the finishes and the designs that would work best for your type of products.

They offer the possibility to customize the size, width, finish, color and design for any roll or sheet of paper you need. They provide a wide range of disposable paper products as well as food and non food paper packaging solutions, including hygienic paper, cups, gift wraps, florist wraps, pouches, sachets, bulk packs, crinkled craft, paper towels, tissues, boards, chipboards, displays, frames, liners, pads, panels, counter displays, soffits, reels, signs, spools, targets, calendars, posters, among many others.

Also, all plain paper, coated paper or cardboard packaging for the food and beverages industry are manufactured in compliance with all the standards in the sector and in accordance with all the hygiene regulations, so they do not endanger the health of the consumers, bring a change in the composition of the food or drink or deteriorate its quality and characteristics.