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Paper Converters Dubai

If you are not familiar with the pulp and paper industry, you might not know what paper converting actually refers to. It is an important part of the process of transforming raw paper created at paper mills into rolls of appropriate sizes that are afterwards transformed into  different finished paper products, such as stationery, including, paper sheets of various sizes, thicknesses, colors and finishes, envelopes, notebooks and labels, among others, books, magazines, photographic paper, boxes, paper packaging or any other types of specialty products.

Most types of paper are made from pulp that is boiled, bleached, strained, made flat and dried afterwards during the process. Then, the paper is put into large rolls that need to be cut into

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Paper Converters in Dubai

Paper converters can create a variety of end products, used for a wide range of purposes, from a simple roll of plain paper, crepe paper or vulcanized fiber. The most common paper converting processes available on the market are roll slitting, sheeting, flexographic printing, coating and laminating. Roll slitting is used for cutting a roll of paper to the exact width required by the client. Sheeting implies cutting a roll of paper into custom sized sheets produced to the specifications of the

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