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The latest reports show that the packaging industry in Dubai, which kept on growing in the last few years, will continue to expand in the future, especially in the food packaging sector. The continuously growing population of the city, generated by the expansion of different industries in the region, implies an increased demand of food and beverages and consequently, a greater need for food packaging. A great number of manufacturers have found their place in the Middle East market, catering to the needs in this sector. They provide suitable solutions for all types of products, targeted at different categories of consumers.

Food packaging comes in a wide range of forms and materials, selected in each case according to the technological process that it needs to go through and complying to all environmental regulations imposed by the law. The packaging materials should be carefully chosen for each application, as they play an important role in the protection, transportation, storage and preservation of perishable or nonperishable products in the food and beverage industry. Cardboard is the most used material, closely followed by plastic, together covering more than 60% of the entire packaging solutions worldwide. It is a safe, resistant, relatively light, ergonomic and protective option for fragile goods. Paper is used in many of its forms in the industry, mostly the waxed, greaseproof and heat sealable versions being preferred in the food sector. Both cardboard and paper are the most ecological solutions and can be easily recycled. Plastic is a lightweight and resistant material that is used for producing stretch films, bags, bottles, containers, food boxes or cups. Glass, although a more fragile, heavier and harder to transport alternative, is preferred mostly for the packaging of high end products or for the ones where other options are not possible. Metal, especially steel and aluminum, is used for producing cans, and is preferred when a longer shelf life is desired for the product, due to the fact that it provides complete sealing of the food or drink from any exterior factors like light, gas or microorganisms.

Most of the manufacturers that provide solutions for companies in the food and beverages industry in the region are up to date with the latest trends in the industry and use the highest quality packaging materials, so you can be sure that the packaging for your products will be produced according to the regulations imposed by the government and taking into consideration your specifications and the type of message you want your brand to transmit to the customers.