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Packaging plays an important role in any manufacturing business in many different sectors. Together with the expansion of the manufacturing industry in the Middle East, a lot of high quality packaging solutions appeared of the market.

Packaging manufacturers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah provide a wide range of packaging materials solutions for companies in the region, from affordable and efficient ones for products targeting the mass retail market, to more expensive ones for high end options. Their offer includes many types of materials, such as glass, aluminum, tinplate, tin free steel, polyester, polyvinyl, polystyrene, polyamide, ethylene vinyl, paper, paperboard, cardboard and laminates, among other.

 When choosing the most suitable type of packaging for your products you have to consider many different factors that could be crucial in getting your finite products on the shelves of the retailers and in the shopping bags of the customers. Things like the adequate material, shape, size, sustainability and functionality of the packaging for the specific products, its capability to reflect the image of your brand, its appeal to the target customers, as well as the storage possibilities and the transportation process, are the most relevant ones in order to find the best solutions for your needs.

There is a variety of packaging materials available on the market nowadays, addressing to both small companies looking for cheaper options and famous brands who need luxurious options. Deciding what material is best for your products depends on many things, such as the available budget, the industry, the intended market, the message you want to send to the customer, the properties of the specific material and its possible interactions with the product, the shelf life of the product and  the environmental conditions during storage and distribution process. The best option should be a type of material that preserves the quality and safety of the products and is also attractive, user friendly and convenient.

Considering its characteristics, glass is one of the best choices of material for most packaging applications, due to its capacity to act as an absolute barrier between the product and the outer environment. However, it also has some drawbacks, such as the cost, the need for a separate closure part, the fact that it is easily breakable, heavy and harder to transport and also relatively difficult to decorate. The cheaper and easy to handle and transport version is plastic. Metal is used for some types of products due to its property of being imperious to light, moisture and air and is mostly used in the food and beverages industry, for products that are aimed to have a longer shelf life. Sometimes packaging materials are mixed, like combining different types of plastic or laminating them with aluminum foil or paper, in order to meet specific needs and requirements for some types of products.

Since packaging represents an important sales tool for a product, the material choice represents a significant factor in its overall appearance and the message it is intended to transmit to the potential customers.