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More and more international brands from a variety of sectors are increasingly drawn by the low tax incentives to invest in the Middle East nowadays, sustaining the national initiatives of the GCC countries to promote economic growth and develop the infrastructure. Reports have shown that the retail and pre-packed food industries, together with the construction and hospitality industries, are the ones that expanded mostly in the region in the last few years. Since the packaging industry is closely related with almost all of the other, especially with the retail and food and beverages industries, a lot of investors consider it a very profitable sector.

Packaging manufacturers in Dubai offer a variety of packaging solutions for different kinds of food and beverages, as well as for a wide range of  non-food products, including toys, apparel, stationery, hardware, electronics, pharmaceutical, medical, decorative and automotive products, among many others. 

Choosing the suitable system of packaging for specific products should be done according to some important factors. The solutions for perishable products are different from the ones for non-perishable ones. Fresh food, for example, needs to be packed in a hygienic packaging that provides extended shelf life to these perishable products. Meat, poultry, fish and seafood, fresh produce, like fruit and vegetables, cheese and other dairy products can be packed using different systems, such as stretch film, horizontal flow pack, thermoforming, tray sealing and vertical flow pack. Bread and other bakery products in the same type of packaging as fresh food and it can also be packaged using the shrink wrap system. There are different packing options for non-perishable preserved food too, including solutions for ready cooked meals, eggs, canned food, chocolate, dried fruit, snacks, sweets, pasta, biscuits, legumes, cereals and pet foods. For the non-food products the packaging solutions depend on the industry they come from and the specific requirements in the sector. Most of them are packed using systems like flow pack wrapping, thermoforming with flexible or rigid film, shrink film or laminated film, blister packing, pillow packing, carton tubes, carton special slotted containers or carton folders.

Packaging manufacturers in Dubai offer their high quality products and complete services on demand to companies from various sectors and are able to meet even significant manufacturing demands in the shortest period of time. Every project, no matter its size, is set up for maximum accuracy and the packaging solutions are carefully tested to make sure they adhere to the strict standards and specifications in the industry, especially in the food and beverages sector, where the processes have to comply to hygiene standards imposed by the law. The services they provide include design consultation, artwork designing and safeguarding options for brands against counterfeiting. They have the necessary facilities, skilled professionals and proven expertise in order to support all your custom packaging and bagging needs for any type of perishable or non perishable products and help you bring your products to the market in a more attractive, affordable and efficient way than ever before.