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There are many types of printing inks available on the market nowadays and when choosing the right one in order to meet the specific application requirements of your business, it is important to consider in which way might the substrate that you intend to print on might influence the ink performance.

With the packaging industry, especially the food and beverages packaging sector, rapidly growing in the Middle East region in the last few years, there is an increased demand of inks that meet the regulations for specific products. Many printing inks suppliers in Dubai have found their place in this growing market and offer the best solutions for a wide range of substrates. They are able to help you decide on the most suitable option, taking into consideration a few factors, including the applications of your business, as well as the entire production and packaging process.

The substrate plays a very important role in choosing the right ink. While most of the options work well on any type of coated or uncoated paper, in the case of new high performance plastics, for example, some types might not adhere and resist as wished and specific ones are required. The production or manufacturing process is also extremely relevant, since some inks can be affected by different factors, such as moisture, humidity, temperature or immediate handling and, in some cases, you might need to choose solutions that resist to the entire process and are not easily prone to smudging.

Suppliers in the UAE provide a wide array of printing inks for the packaging sector in many industries, including food grade options for the candy and confectionery sectors, as well as for eggs and for printing directly on pills, in the pharmaceutical industry, fast dry ones for high speed consumer packaged goods, including different types of food packaging, non-transfer and high temperature resistant, thermo-chromic and condensation resistant solutions for many types of products, including cans, bottles, containers and different plastic products, solvent and chemical resistant options for the automotive industry and for the packaging of different chemicals, fade resistant options for products that need to be exposed to outdoor conditions, as well as invisible fluorescing UV readable, oil penetrating, high contrast and heat cured versions for different specific applications. You can find everything you need for your printing processes, from inks that are able to withstand high production temperatures or pasteurization processes, to ones that adhere well to substrates like plastic, steel, aluminum, glass and wax coated materials.