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There are many things that you should take into consideration when deciding to purchase a printer that is suitable for your business needs and requirements. Among the many factors that play an important role, choosing the right type of ink for the substrates that you intend to use is vital for providing high quality, durable prints on a wide range of products. Understanding the properties of each type of ink that is available, and finding which one is the best for the printing needs of your business, will help ensure you will choose the right option for your applications. The companies that that provide printing equipment and supplies for both private, as well as corporate clients in Dubai and the rest of the UAE offer, apart from all types of laser and inkjet printers, also many different types of printing inks for different substrates and applications, including dye based inks, pigment based inks and solid inks, among others.

Dye based inks are created to deliver rich colors that dry almost instantly when applied on the substrate, minimizing the risk of smudging when the prints are handled, but unfortunately, they are prone  to smearing or running, when they are exposed to humid environments or come in contact with water. Also, this type of ink is highly susceptible to oxidation and fading in time, meaning the intense colors they produce do not last very long. 

Pigment based inks are generally pricier than the other types and are mostly preferred in inkjet printing due to their ability to resist in time, without considerable fading. Furthermore, they are resistant to moisture and sunlight, providing very durable results. However, the colors are usually less vibrant with this type of ink, which is also prone to smudging if it is not allowed enough time to dry before touching the prints.

Solid inks are vegetable oil based inks that provide results that do not easily fade or deteriorate in time. They are an environment friendly alternative to the other types due to the fact that they do not need to be housed in plastic cartridges.

There are also a number of other options of printing inks available on the market, most of which are specifically created for different industries and require a certain type of equipment to accommodate them. Solvent inks, which are completely waterproof after being heat treated, are usually used for the production of decals, banners, signs and artworks on different kinds of plastic goods.

UV curable inks are specifically used for printing on stainless steel, glass, wood or ceramic, among others, while dye sublimation inks are used in manufacturing of a wide array of textiles, such as T-shirts, jackets, caps, flags or bags.

All things considered, choosing the right ink  for your business depends on the types of applications you are going to use it for.