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The printing industry is one of the ten most significant industries in the economy of the UAE. The demand for printing services has been rapidly increasing in the area in the last years, and Dubai is considered an important hub for most printing jobs of any kind in the entire Middle East.

Printing Inks Suppliers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah offer a selection of printing inks cartridges, including dye based, pigment based or solid ink options and refilling solutions for them.

When you intend to purchase a new printer for your business, you should specifically pay attention to the type of printing ink cartridges needed for it and you should take into consideration the characteristics of each type of ink, considering what solutions suit your requirements.

Learning more about the printing ink options available on the market and comparing these options with your business printing needs, makes it easier to make the right choice.

Dye-based printing inks offer bright and rich colors that dry almost instantly, without creating smudges on the paper. However, the prints are prone to smudging when exposed to water or extremely humid environments and also to oxidation and fading in time. Furthermore, since they can be absorbed very quickly, separate colors overlap sometimes, creating different shades than intended in a printed photo or graphic.

Pigment-based inks are usually a little bit more pricey than the previously mentioned ones. Compared to the dye-based inks, they have a stronger lasting power in time and are usually resistant to light moisture or humidity, but, however, the major drawbacks are that the colors are less vibrant and that they are prone to smudging if they are not left to thoroughly dry before handling.

Vegetable oil based solid printing inks are a relatively new discovery and being impossible to be absorbed by paper, they are also prone to a slight fading and might easily deteriorate after some time. They are an ecological option, coming in blocks and not being housed in plastic cartridges like the other ones. On the other hand, you always have the option to refill the other ones, so if you choose not to buy new ones every time they run low, refilling is an eco solution as well.

There are also other kinds of inks available, such as solvent inks, dye sublimation inks or UV curable inks, which are produced specifically for some industries.

The suppliers can recommend the highest quality printing inks that suit the local climatic conditions and can customize them according to the requirements of the client.


Whether you are a person looking for the best at home printing solutions or for the most efficient office solutions, the printing inks suppliers in Dubai will definitely support your needs for high quality and cost savings on ink or laser toner cartridges, printing supplies and other services. Most of them offer rapid same day or next day delivery options in the UAE and different shipping options to other GCC countries for any cartridge purchases or refilling services.