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The greatest demand for packaging in the Middle East comes from the food and beverages industry, which is currently expanding in the UAE, especially in Dubai. Many packaging machinery suppliers have found their place on the market, providing the latest technologies that are able to face all the actual challenges in the industry.

When deciding on the right machinery, it is important to keep an eye on the most recent trends and innovations in your business sector, in order to make sure that your products are both attractive and practical for the potential customers, catering to all of their needs. Reports show that there seems to be an increased demand for convenient food packaging options, the customers preferring practical, smaller portions of a specific product. Limited shelf space offered by the retailers is also a key factor in deciding on the most suitable options.

Hygiene plays a very important role in the food processing sector, so it is advisable to opt for  machinery designs that prevent microbiological contamination risks in all of the processes, including processing, filling and sealing lines. Choose versions that can be cleansed in short and efficient cycles, for avoiding cross contamination from one product to another.

The use of robots is preferred in most sectors of the food and beverages packaging industry, since a fully automated pick and place system is considered to be the most efficient solution in mass production. It is a modern, cheaper and faster alternative to the traditional man operated lines, reducing labor demand and safety costs. Robots are precise and flexible and there is no need for human additional work during the entire process. Also, the product or packaging damage risk is extremely reduced in the case of robotic systems, since the precise movement eliminates the risks of scratching or damaging them. Furthermore, their work is sustainable in different conditions that might not be favorable for human line operators, such as very high or low temperatures, fumes or dust.

All things considered, choosing the most suitable packaging machinery depends on a variety of factors, including the nature of the products that are produced, the possibility to use the same equipment for different kinds of products and the processes implied in switching from one type to another, the production volume and the amount of money you can afford to invest in purchasing and maintaining the lines. Both fully automated and semi automated options are available, and the choice should be done depending on your applications.