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Neon signs are a type of light emitting electric signs made of long tubes that contain neon or other gases, and usually used for different indoor and outdoor glowing advertising signage or other types of commercial banners. The tubes emitting light of different colors can be bended and positioned in a way that a text can be written or a picture can be written with them. The signage can be used as static lighted ads or can be used to create animated images or texts where the words are lighted one by one. Animation can be created by programming different sequences of parts to turn on and off at specific time intervals.

Neon signs are mostly used on the outside of bars, pubs, restaurants, hotels, shopping malls or casinos to attract the passer bys on the street. With the expansion of the hospitality sector in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, there seems to be an increased need for this type of banners that seem to attract customers.

Neon sign manufacturers in Dubai provide the highest quality and most cost effective custom made static or animated neon signs for any type of business. With their vast experience with different companies in the Middle East and some of them with international companies, you can be sure that they can create the perfect sign according to your needs and requirements. Their designers can create it after discussing all the details regarding text, colors and shape with you, or it can be manufactured after an artwork provided by you.

There are a few steps in creating the signage needed by the customers. First, the final design is plotted on a fire proof stencil so that the tubes can be accurately bended into the most suitable shape to match the design. After that, the air is vacuumed from the tubes and the gas is pumped in, so that the specific glow is created. After carefully checking the connections, the ends of the tubes are sealed and the back of the customized final sign is dipped in dark glass paint in order to create contrast and allow the text, design or animation stand out more. After the paint dries, the electrical wiring system is added to power the light for the new sign. When the manufacturing process is over, the sign is carefully packaged using foam to avoid damage and is ready for shipping to the customer.


The neon sign manufacturers in Dubai offer complete solutions to any signage needs, including designing, engineering, manufacturing of the sign according to the criteria discussed with you, including size, colors, information about the location where it will be mounted and measurements, installing it and providing routine and repair maintenance services as well as relocation services, if it is the case, in the future. All neon signs come with a warranty, so you can be sure that if in any way they do not correspond to your requirements the manufacturer will make it right in the shortest time possible.