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No matter what type of products you manufacture or what industry you are part of, it is almost sure that you need some kind of labels in order to be able to sell the products to the customers. Labels are usually applied on the packaging of any item for different purposes, such as giving information about the ingredients, price, expiration date or lot number, among others. They are easy to print if you need only a small number of them, but however, in the case of mass production, you need equipment that is specifically designed for industrial use.

When choosing the most suitable labelling system for your business, there are a few things that you should consider. It is important to understand the specific requirements for the type of products that you manufacture, as well as the conditions the labels should be able to withstand during the entire process. You need to define the purposes of the labels and their needed durability, in the case of each application, in order to decide on the perfect materials and printing techniques for them.

There are many technologies available on the market that allow you to choose from the most simple pre-printed or print and apply labels systems, to the more complex pressure sensitive labels, radio frequency identification or security tags solutions, which require a certain type of machines to be printed and applied. Suppliers in the UAE offer solutions for labels and labelling equipment for any of these types. The most widely used are the simple ones, that can either be printed and applied separately or in the same place. Pre-printed options are used when the product information does not need to change from one item to another and are usually printed in a different location from the production site and applied afterwards. Print and apply options have a variety of uses, such as the application of barcodes, of different content or shipping information labels and of artworks or graphic images, used in product branding, and are usually printed and applied in the same place, due to the fact that the information differs from one item to another.

Labels and labelling suppliers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah, most of them having experience in working with different companies in the Middle East, can recommend the most suitable solutions that meet your specifications and needs and are in a price range that is reasonable for you. They provide all the machinery needed, including complete label printing and applying systems, as well as a wide range of digital inkjet and laser printers, thermal printers, automatic and semi-automatic application machines and software for creating labels for all types of industries, such as food and beverages, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and electronics packaging sectors.