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Labels are used in many industries and their main purposes are showing the brand name of the producer or manufacturer and providing information about the products to the consumers. Labelling equipment is usually used in factories, after production and packaging, where tags are added to show the ingredients, the location where the product was manufactured or produced and the directions for use or size of specific products, among many other uses, in the store, where bar coded tags are added, providing information about the batch, stock and price, and in warehouses, where they are also used for stock or batch information, as well as for shipping and receiving information.

The market of anti theft and fraud labels has seen an increased demand nowadays, because more and more businesses are looking for the best brand protection and authentication for their products. Smart versions, holographic options, anti counterfeit tags and source tagging are some of the most used ones.

As many industries have seen an intense growth in the Middle East in the last years and considering the fact that almost any product is required by the law to provide at least some kind of information on its tag for the consumers, the labelling industry has also seen a great expansion, in order to cater to the great need of supplies and mahinery of the companies.

Labels and labelling equipment suppliers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah provide a wide range of solutions for both the private and the business sector. Their offer includes products for personal, professional as well as industrial use, such as self adhesive standard tapes in different backgrounds, widths and colors, self adhesive multi-purpose labels of any size and color, tag paper tapes, strong adhesive options made of permanent polyester, standard address and media labels, iron on options, coated in nylon, embossing tapes, metallic tapes, heat shrink tubes, standard or 3D embossing label makers, all kinds of ink jet or laser printers, electronic label markers, applicators, different front and back, top and bottom or wraparound labelling solutions, pallet options and bottle labelling solutions, together with many other accessories, as well as label designing software and customized label or tag printing services for both individuals or companies.

Whether you are looking for custom made labels, that can be tailored to suit your personal preference, needs, specifications or brand requirements, in terms of size, color, shape and material, for personal use or for business or industrial use, or you are looking for any kind of equipment and supplies needed in the sector, the suppliers in the area can offer you high quality products at the best prices on the market and in the shortest time.


They can advise you on the best solutions for your specific needs and some of the suppliers also offer the option of ordering online or by phone and getting the supplies or equipment delivered to your home or office, allowing you to save precious time and money and meet the needs or requirements of your company, in a cost and hassle free way.