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Bar coding equipment is very important for any retail business as it eliminates the possibility of human error, provides better data, improves inventory control and saves a lot of time spent on training and data management by the employees. It is used not only in the retail sector, but it is also used in warehousing in a wide range of business sectors, healthcare, manufacturing, education, logistics or field services, among many others. Barcodes technologies offer the most accurate and reliable way of reading any encoded data related to a product or package. There are different types of barcodes with different capabilities that can be used for a variety of applications. The main types of bar code readers are pen, laser, CCD or 2D camera, each designed to fulfill specific information needs.

These systems are widely spread nowadays and more affordable and also faster than any other inventory control methods, and are used for any type of businesses, from small firms to large companies.

Bar coding equipment suppliers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Sharjah can help you select the proper solutions for the unique internal requirements of your business in the UAE or in other GCC countries. Their offer includes a wide range of handheld corded or wireless barcode scanners, fixed barcode scanners, in-counter barcode scanners basic, phone size, full size, gun grip or wearable mobile computing scanners, barcode verifiers and presentation scanners for different applications, like inventory, point of sale, industrial or healthcare. You can also purchase different types of desktop, industrial or portable bar code printers, thermal labels, thermal print heads, the software you need, such as inventory software or asset tracking software, and any accessories you might need, including different types of batteries, cables or stands.

When selecting the most effective bar coding devices for the specific processes needed by your company, there are a few factors that should be considered, such as the business sector in which it will be used, the environment where it will be used, the scanner attributes and the need for stationary or mobile equipment. The ease of use, weight, size, connectivity, mobility, durability, reliability, battery life and fluid or chemical resistance are also important elements that should play a role in your decision.

If you still have difficulty deciding what type of bar coding equipment is recommended for your business or you have any questions or enquiries about the products and their specifications, the professionals at any of these companies would be more than happy to help you. Whether you are the owner of a small business or the representative of a corporation, there is a solution to improve your services, easing the job of your employees and saving time and money.


Taking into consideration the fact that the retail industry is rapidly expanding in the Middle East and that most companies on the market want to use the latest technologies, in order to improve their efficiency, many bar coding equipment manufacturers and suppliers, especially from Dubai, have emerged and established themselves in the market that caters many different business sectors and offer high quality products at competitive prices.