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Bar Coding Equipment Dubai

Bar codes are a type of codes that are applied on the labels attached to any type of products or directly on them, in order to digitally store relevant data about them, which can be read with the help of specifically designed scanners. These codes can be created using different techniques, the most commonly used being linear, 1D or 2D matrix symbol systems and QR codes systems. The linear versions can be printed using any type of digital laser or inkjet printer, while the other types, if they need to be applied directly to specific products, usually can be printed only with a special thermal barcode printer. 

Linear barcodes are represented by various black lines of different thicknesses printed on a white background, but however, the

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Bar Coding Equipment in Dubai

Bar coding equipment is very important for any retail business as it eliminates the possibility of human error, provides better data, improves inventory control and saves a lot of time spent on training and data management by the employees. It is used not only in the retail sector, but it is also used in warehousing in a wide range of business sectors, healthcare, manufacturing, education, logistics or field services, among many others. Barcodes technologies offer the most accurate and reliable

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