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EFI acquires Turkish company BDR Boya Kimya in textiles inks move

EFI has acquired BDR Boya Kimya, a Turkish manufacturer of reactive inkjet inks for industrial digital textiles printing.

Bursa-based BDR will continue to develop inks, working closely with and supporting its clients while expanding and growing its capabilities. BDR’s 19 employees, including its co-founders Serra Saatçıo lu Yildiz and Ibrahim Demir, are joining EFI.

While financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed, they are not expected to be material to EFI’s Q2 or full-year 2019 results.

EFI Reggiani vice-president and general manager Adele Genoni said: “We are very excited. This is an important announcement in the history of textiles for us, and we are looking with a lot of enthusiasm into the next quarter and the next year.

Mimaki launches inkjet printer for home furnishing, soft signage

Mimaki has launched the super-wide format TS500 -P-3200 inkjet printer  last month. This 3.2-m wide roll-to-roll sublimation inkjet printer is a dedicated transfer paper printer for the textile industry and is suitable for a broad range of applications including home furnishing textiles and indoor soft signage.

“On-demand inkjet printing systems are increasingly being used for clothing production instead of conventional analogue systems because of their ability to quickly provide high-mix


How did you get into printing?

I started into printing at the age of 13 in Syria. I moved to Abu Dhabi- U.A.E 1989, where I worked as offset operator. After that I got an offer from a printing press in Dubai in 2000. I joined Titci Printing Press as a general manager 3 years ago

What do you like most about your job?

The fact I like most is that I manage to all operations. I also like getting updated with the latest technology and most important is how to deal with different kinds of people from

New router in Zünd cutters

Zünd has announced that it has incorporated a new Zünd router module RM-S in its S3 cutting systems.

The RM-S is capable of processing materials such as aluminum, rigid plastics, composites and wood at thicknesses up to 25 mm / 1 in. The tool operating at high RPM in conjunction with the robust build of the S3 line of cutters allows for exceptionally high processing speeds, which results in significantly greater through-put.

The RM-S uses 1kW ‘high-performance spindle, active air cooling, and


How did you get into printing?

I started my career selling Analogue photocopiers, then the technology shift happened to multifunctional devices. Now I market printers and multi-functional devices.

What do you like most about your job?

You get to learn a lot

What is the worst thing about your job?

The stress of meeting deadlines.

What do you like about living in the UAE?

The vibrant city life

What is your favourite phrase or saying?

Nothing is impossible. The word impossible says I 'm possible

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