Global digital print machine manufacturer Xerox with its local entity for UAE, Xerox Emirates have moved their offices to a new custom-made building in International Media Production Zone (IMPZ), the print media hub in Dubai. The main reason Xerox claims behind this is to build an organisation that is more productive, efficient and easier to do business with.

Inspiration from two sheets of paper
The decision was made in 2007 to move to bigger premises by Xerox and company shifted in November 2010. The main idea given to the architects was to represent values of the brand, heritage, innovation in technology and an environment where employees would be proud to come to work. General manager, Xerox Emirates, Andrew Hurt said: "We started off with mind map in terms of concept with architects visiting number of our facilities and then we mapped out block diagrams with zoning guide lines and functional facilities that we wanted." The company has 75 underground car parking space. The concept inspiration was around two sheets of paper put together.

Support of infrastructure to decision making
With aim to cater to UAE customers, company has brought together their 3 setups in the city in IMPZ headquarter. Xerox ME is also working with the company in terms to see how this capacity can be used for neighbouring GCC countries. There was already a regional technical meeting arranged before in IMPZ.

Managed print services
Company used four printing facilities with ColorQube technology in entire building through Managed Print Services (MPS) concept. Under MPS, company provides machines, spare parts and training etc. to consolidate client's assets. Company has made considerable investment in inventory of spares. "We have 1900 stock keeping units in our warehouse. We have consolidated three of our old warehouse to form this satellite store, which form the biggest facility in ME. This will support about 10,000 Xerox machines in the market. We do not intend to enter the second hand market as that might promote grey imports and unauthorised servicing of the machines. We support the machines up to five years of its life cycle," he said.

Futuristic facilities and comforts
Company holds two canteens for employees with wireless facilities. "There will be TV screens in there as well so that we can put major sporting events live and also for internal communication and messaging. The building is non-smoking and we have dedicated smoking area on the ground floor. The chill out area has a table tennis and foosball tables.

Finding synergy between departments
"Having all departments working on same floor increases cooperation between various functions of the organisation. We have strategic accounts sales force focussing on top 250 top accounts, government sales, focussing on top government accounts, general market sales force, dedicated MPS sales and business process outsourcing sales in our sales division," Hurt said. Company has 60 MPS sites in the market.

"The service business was $9.5bn in 2006, $20bn in 2009 and will be $60bn in 2013. About 50% of it will be under MPS as per the reports. As we are services led company that will drive the technology business. Services are supported by technology. We also have third party devices under MPS which accounts 3300 devices. Digital was seen as short run static printing but now people have realised the power of data with variable and personalised print," concludes Hurt.