Shekhar Dhana, director of Dprint Advertising LLC, Dubai shares his technical experience, market challenges and narrates future of the printing industry in the coming years.

Born and raised in Chennai, India, Shekhar Dhana completed his Diploma in printing technology at Institute of Printing Technology, Central Institute of Technology, Chennai. Later he completed his Master’s in Business Administration. He also pursued few courses related to supply chain management and procurement studies. He began his career in packaging industry in India. Later, he came to Dubai and joined Express Printing Services as estimator. He later took up the role as an account manager and from there his career took off.

Speaking about Dprint, industry, challenges, Shekhar Dhana, director of  Dprint Advertising LLC, said, “I always wanted to do something for the industry, which nurtured me to start the company so when the right time came in the year  2014 I started Dprint with 12 employees. We started for a reason of providing the clients with result oriented consultation, promotion, total marketing products and collateral. Dprint not only provides what clients ask for, but also ensures uniqueness in all the services with a touch of value addition. Both our experienced work force and smart procurement system enables us to determine the most cost efficient manufacturing process for every bit of a campaign, which results in real cost saving for our clients, without compromising on the quality. We started with a vision ‘to become the kind of organization which even our competitors will recommend for their clients. We also want to be considered as the best case study as on how to deliver excellence continuously without compromising the interests of both our valuable clients as well as our work force’. Our company is basically a BTL production house, which engages in the production, distribution/installation of various POSMs encompasses large format digital printing, acrylic production, forex, foam board and corrugated display units. So many technological advancements have occurred in printing industry during the past few years. Most of the processes became automated with more accuracy, high quality and less time frame. The technology is the same everywhere; the only difference is in how fast the new technologies are being adapted. Many production houses are opening in the Emirates and many of them are under quoting jobs, just to win the momentary business. This creates unhealthy competition and affects the overall industry.

Also, some clients are demanding unrealistically low prices, which challenge the existence of the print industry.”

Speaking about the success, future plan, clients and employees, he said, “When I take the business to such a level where, it can function on its own without my presence, in the most progressive manner, it will be considered as my success. My company’s success is ‘never give up’ team. We consider our client’s appreciations as the best award we can get. In that way, we have received so many, during the course of time. We want our company to be diversified in various aspects of advertising, like digital marketing, retailing and essentially a one stop advertising solution for all types of client’s requirements. We work for different markets, especially GCC and MENA. I never felt that employee retention is a problem for us. Here in Dprint, we all work as a family, more than considering them as employees. So our team also has the same bonding with us. None of our employees left Dprint so far unless for a notable reason. We do provide them with decent accommodation (in apartments), transportation, flexible working hours and better living conditions as a whole. In addition, we listen to them and address to their problems.”

Speaking about hobbies and family, he said, “I am basically a person who always wants to do something for the industry so I get very less time for hobbies but whenever I get time I listen to some good music. I stay with my wife and two sons. My kids are pursuing their education in UAE.”
Speaking about the credit period and digital market utilization, Dhana said, “Over the past few years the credit period or policy has been changed drastically. It went from 30 days of credit period to even 150 days. However, the real problem comes when we don’t get the payments even after mutually agreed on the credit period, and this seriously affects the cash flow. It adds to our liability. In my opinion, credit period/payment should not exceed more than 90 days and the payments should be made promptly. More and more businesses are implementing digital marketing tactics to effectively reach and engage their target consumers online. Since, it’s an emerging concept, most organizations are ignorant about the opportunities digital marketing are opening and are hence reluctant to get adapted to this.”