Mazen Al Awamleh, managing director of Intaglio Security Printing and Royal Advertising, UAE in conversation with Venkat Raghavan, explains the market opportunities

Born and raised in Jordan, Mazen Al Awamleh completed his education in his home country.  While pursuing his education he had his own interest in business and ventured it. With the interest in security, he started his own security printing press in Jordan. Later in 1997, he came to Dubai and started his own company.
Speaking about his career, Al Awamleh, said, “I have completed my schooling and degree in Jordan. I pursued my education in Political Science and Economics from Yarmouk University in 1994. While I was studying, I always had an ambition of doing a business; hence I started my career with some trading business. It was going well but I wanted to start something which is beneficial for everyone. Since, my family members were working for political sector, army, and sector related to serving the country. So I started my security printing press business. Initially, we were doing security stamps and we were one of the pioneers in our country during those days. Our product was one of the best in the country where no one could duplicate it even by using the sophisticated techniques. The business was going good and we even appointed some agents in Sweden. We were growing on day by day and in the year 1996 we started a commercial set up. We were doing a good number of jobs for government and universities in Jordan. Due to the economical situation in my country the business opportunities came down so I was pushed to venture my business in other countries. I tried the opportunities in countries like Cairo, Riyadh, Beirut and Dubai. Finally, I decided to come to Dubai after analyzing the business opportunities. I came to Dubai on October 1997 and took a job in a press in marketing department. I worked only for couple of months before starting my own press Royal Advertising in 1998.”

● They have done the biggest visa in the world which even won Guinness record
● They have a separate company called Intaglio Security Printing
● They have a sister company in Jordan and agents in UK and Dublin

Speaking about the company, he said, “Royal Advertising was started in 1998 with minimal employees and later increased them. Our main motto is to provide VIP service for every customers. Until now, we were giving VIP service to all our customers and that is one of the reason who grew to this level. Over a period of time, my brother also joined the company which allowed me to take it to the next level. In 1999, we decided to do binding jobs and invested in the same sector. Later after few years, we again invested in multiple machines to serve our customers better. In a period of time, we also created a good relationship with the government sectors and started doing some specialized jobs for them. Our company is specialized in doing luxury packaging, leather crafts, VIP prints and many more. In 2013, we opened Intaglio Security Printing where we started to do security printing jobs which we were earlier doing in Royal Advertising. In Intaglio, we do security printing jobs for death certificate, birth certificate, university certificates and few more.”
Speaking about his hobbies and memorable moment, he said, “To be honest I don’t get time to spend for myself. I regularly come to office by 8 in the morning and stay there until night so I don’t get any leisure time for any such activities. However, when I get some time in the weekend I go for movies along with my family. Now, I believe that we must to make some time for ourselves and for leisure to stay fit and healthy. The memorable moment in my career is the day when I made the biggest visa in the world which was 9 times bigger than the normal printed visa with the same security features.”
Speaking about the security threat and challenges, he said, “The security threat for the documents is one major issue which everyone is going through. We may say that social media and other platforms are making the use of money efficiently but there is no security in them. You may send catalogue or brochures through emails but sending the passport copies or emirates id or land documents are not advisable. As soon as a document lands in Internet there are possibilities of getting it hacked by hackers so I strongly urge that important documents should not be sent via Internet. I have attended few seminars and conferences in countries like UK and Europe and everyone over there was urging the importance of security printing. The important and valuable documents has to be printed using security printing options so that no can forge it. The competition in the market is very high and the price is degrading. To be stable in the market we need to provide good quality with reasonable price and that is getting very difficult when the day-to-day expenses are creeping. There are  even times, when we were unable to get a good formula for better pricing. However, we strongly rely that success lies on three things - quality, service, and honesty. This policy always allows us to achieve our goals. In addition, I always like to think out of box, so creative thinking too helps us to achieve success.”
Speaking about expansion plans, company business, and credit period, he said, “In next five years, we will be expanding in security printing. The 2020 expo will help the economy to grow more in the coming years. We are planning to expand ourselves and very soon we are planning to announce some good news to our customers. We do around 20-25% of our business are done for the international market and rest in the local market. I believe that in the next two years everyone will understand that every important document should have some security features so that nobody make duplicate of it. Most of our businesses are with government so the credit period is not affecting us. However, offering credit period for the private sector is very dangerous and we are very cautious while accepting the jobs.”
Signing off, he advises that everyone has to deal the business in professional way and should not spoil the market with unhealthy competition.