Suresh Mathew, managing director of Right Concepts Advertising LLC, Dubai in conversation with Venkat Raghavan, explains the market opportunities for fabric media in the coming years.

Born and raised in Kerala, India, Suresh Mathew studied in CMS High School and CMS College in his home town Kottayam, Kerala. He worked in various industries before venturing into the printing industry. In the year 2000, Mathew came to Dubai, later along with the partners he started his own business.

● The company was started with small set up and grown within a short span
● The company does around 20-25% of their business for overseas market and rest in the UAE

Speaking about his career, Suresh Mathew, managing director of Right Concepts Advertising LLC, said, “I started my career in sales department when I was pursuing my education. Initially I worked in various fields before joining the advertising field in India. I learned all the basics with my own interest when I was working for advertising firm. In 1991, I joined one of the top advertising agencies, where I was looking after South India branches. Over a period of time, something sparked my mind and I started my own media company with four people. Due to some issues, I lost my hard-earned money and this made me to close the company. Later in 2000, I came to Dubai with an idea and the knowledge of how to make the layout and run a business. I struggled a lot initially, to get a job of my interest. Then, I started working as a freelancer and even extended my visit visa for 18 times before getting an appropriate job. During those days, my friend Thomas was working in an advertising and events company. He had an idea about how to print on fabric, but the company he was working for was not ready to take up this idea. This made him to open his own company. Initially we both worked after our office hours, as we had not quit our jobs. It took us around 6 months to achieve the expected output. As my friend had technical knowledge he used to handle the machine, while I used to take care of marketing activities. There are even days were people laughed at us looking at our fabric printed business cards. It’s in the year 2006, people started recognising us and we started to grow. Thomas left the company after having some issues in 2013 and I was left there alone. I could not cope up with the new management, so I resigned from my role. I decided to start a new company and I called Thomas who was in India and had set up his own business there. However, he helped me to start the business with other investments. I started the Right Concepts Advertising company with some colleagues from my old company who were ready to support us. We were lucky to receive a big order of more than AED 100,000 from one of my previous client and a well-wisher. Even though I never called my old clients for help, they began to call after they came to know about our new venture.”
Further speaking about the company, he said, “The growth of the company relies on combination of many factors. Initially, we started with small warehouse and in 2015 we shifted to the current location, in 2016 we took another warehouse and in 2018 we took the third warehouse with what we started first. We don’t publicise but we work with ethics by delivering quality and not compromising on price. However, the product, which we deliver to the clients, is 110% of best quality. Building the trust with the clients is very important and it’s not an easy task. Now, I can say that we are the only exclusive fabric printing solution providers in the UAE, where we provide solutions according to the requirements of the clients.”
He further added, “When I started my career, I learnt many things and gained knowledge from various industries. We provide solutions for all the customised fabric items with easy to carry & install. I like the dedication of my staff who work for the welfare of the company and we have given enough freedom and we also accept their views and ideas. Our clients and customers are always free to take an office tour and sit with the designers, whereas the other players do not allow visitors to take an office tour, as they fear of transparency. We believe that we need to make our customers comfortable and give them freedom, which in return helps us. We strongly believe that experience and our hard-working, enthusiastic staff made us perfect. Whatever we are now is because of our dedicated staff. Happiness of the staff and customers make the business run perfectly.”
Talking about his memorable moment in his career, company expansion plans & business, he said, “The memorable moment is starting the Right Concepts. Initially, we had planned to start on 11-12-13. However, on my birthday, on 12-12-13, we started this company. We are expanding every year and will be continuing it. We started doing business with flags and then fashion, interiors, exhibitions and it will continue, so we concentrate on new product line every year. However, we experiment on new things to make us unique in the market. We are seeing 20% growth in textile industry so it means the other printing verticals are getting reduced so we will be concentrating more in the same industry. We are supplying to other GCC countries as well. We do around 20-25 % business in overseas and rest in the UAE. I am very thankful to the vision of the rulers of the UAE which led us to grow and reach this level.”
Talking about his family, he said, “My wife is a home maker. She supported me in all ups and downs. My younger son Anshil Mathew is doing BBA in Dubai. My elder son Akhil Mathew completed his MBA and joined us in 2016. He is supporting us a lot in our companies growth by getting more corporate clients.”
Signing off, he advices, “Avoid unhealthy competitions. No one should reduce the cost for getting more jobs from the market as they will have to sacrifice in the quality. If the quality of the product is poor, the customers won’t come back. The new comers have to concentrate on a single product rather than concentrating on more products to lead a successful business.”