Amit K. Singhal, director of Global Packaging FZE, Sharjah in conversation with Venkat Raghavan, shares his views on the current packaging industry and his future plans.

Originally from and raised in Mumbai, Amit K. Singhal completed his Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry in 1995 from Guru Khalsa College, Mumbai and prior to that he completed his schooling from Pathak College in Santacruz, Mumbai. After completing his degree, he joined National Institute of Information Technology (NIIT), Mumbai to pursue a two-year course in computers. With his eagerness and passion towards marketing, he decided to join NIIT as a marketing executive. After two years of his tenure at NIIT he finally moved on to settle in United Arab Emirates and started his new venture with Global Packaging.


● Global Packaging has received SAIF Excellence award in 2012
● The company is planning to expand in box packaging and perfume oil industry
● The group owns another company ‘L&K International LLC’ where they deal with luxury products

Speaking about his career and struggles, Amit K. Singhal, director and owner of Global Packaging and L&K International FZC, said, “While I was pursuing my NIIT course, I used to attend seminars and events, which heightened my marketing skills. Later, seeing my skills, NIIT chief appointed me as a marketing executive and I started attending to walk-in clients. Since, I was technically aware about the products, I was also able to elaborate about the courses properly. After couple of years, I was transferred to another NIIT branch with a salary hike within a short span. At that time, my uncle and mentor  who is also owner of Global Packaging was running a business in UAE and he requested me to be a part of the business. After consulting with my parents I took the offer and joined Global Packaging for INR 8,000. At that point of time the company had only two members, the director and myself. We worked together to get some business but were unable to and after some period of time the director resigned. Hearing this, my uncle asked me to close the company and return to India. However, I still had some hope and requested for a month’s time to get some business. The warehouse was filled with goods and I wanted to sell at least some of them. Since I was the only person who worked for the company then, I used to come to office early, finish my cleaning work and offer my prayers to God and go to the field. Daily, I commuted on a bicycle within SAIF Zone to visit Sharjah customs, admin office and visited clients within this area with bags loaded with samples on bicycle in order to explore business opportunities. I still have the bicycle in my office, which regularly reminds me about the difficult times I had. After trying for a month when nothing happened, my uncle again asked me to return back to India. I called up my parents and explained my situation and they accepted me to come back but destiny didn’t allow me to return and stopped me from getting a flight. Later, I reworked on the ideas and rejoiced myself and went to the market with the last and final hope. At last, I got a big deal for 60,000 AED as direct cash order from a shop, which opened all my doors.  Soon the business started flourishing and in 2005 I became a business partner in the company. During that period, we opened a new factory in an area of 2500 sq.m wherein I handled the construction part of the factory without much knowledge about it and completed it perfectly.”
Talking about Global Packaging, Singhal added, “Launched in 2002, we have met varying and dynamic requirements of the perfume and cosmetic industry and its diverse verticals. Our dedication to ceaselessly cater to even the most taxing and dynamic requirements have watered our growth and made us rank among the largest glass bottles manufacturers and suppliers in the United Arab Emirates. In all its rights, we have earned our stature.”
Speaking about his family and hobbies, he added, “My wife (who is my back support and well-wisher) is a homemaker and I have two sons. The elder one is Laksh and the younger one is Krish and they both are pursuing their education in UAE. Whenever I get time I love to listen music, go for a long drive and to work out in gym.”
Talking about the trends and company business, he added, “Earlier, the industry was not looking for luxury items, later things started to change after 2009, when people started demanding more expensive products. The demand for quality has risen among the customers and I reckon it has increased by more than 50% as  compared to 2009. We have a reputed name in the industry and everyone knows us for our quality. Even though our competitors are having the same machines as us, they are unable to come up with the same quality of products that we produce. We don’t compromise on the quality and even on the price, which is why we were importing the raw materials from India. We have been doing business with major players like Swiss Arabian Perfumes, Nabeel Perfumes, and many more. We are doing around 60% business for GCC markets and rest in USA & Europe.”
Speaking about their expansion plans, exhibitions and business, he said, “We will be expanding  in box packaging and oil perfume industry. We have participated in the CosmoProf event in Italy and will be participating CosmoProf Saudi Arabia and Cosmoprof event in Las Vegas which is going to happen in next year. Again, we have been participating in the Beautyworld Middle East in Dubai for more than 10 years. The law should become little more stringent on defaulters, which will help the owners in the long run.”
Signing off, he advices:  “Never give up, never give in, for hope is there to make you win.”