Mohammed Abdul Rahman, managing director of Bin Omair Printing Press LLC, Ajman in conversation with Venkat Raghavan, shares his positive attitude towards the printing industry and how to handle the industry


Hailing from Kerala and raised in Kerala, India, Mohammed Abdul Rahman completed his Schooling in Kerala and Master of Arts degree in Malayalam. Later, he did a MBA in human resource and marketing in Dubai. After completing his education in India he decided to open a company in UAE, which made him to open his own company in 1984. 

Abdul Rahman says, “My career started in the year 1984 when I have opened the business towards the foodstuff line. As like the most successful persons in the world I too struggled a lot to bring the business to attainable position where everybody could say my name from the hard work. Even though I was running the foodstuff business for 14 years, I had few dreams in the printing industry that made me to open the Bin Omair Printing Press in the year 2005. In the interim time, our family was running a printing business in the name of Arafa printing press from 1998 which has given me a lot of insight into the printing industry.”

Briefing about the Bin Omair, he said, “The idea to start the printing press has evolved in me for several years and it took 14 years to open the printing press on my own. We had 25 employees during the starting phase of the company and which was very huge at that time and now we are running the company with more than 75 employees. As others I will not say that we have seen several traumatic phases in our company during these many years. We have seen only a single worst phase and that is during the 2008 recession. However, our valued customer made us to overcome that period where they believed that we are the one who can provide quality of service always.”



● Our customers are from MEA region like Qatar, Burundi, Ethiopia, Somalia, Tanzania, and Sudan


● During early phase of our company we were printing around one million tickets to RTA daily


● Our major clients are UAE-DEWA, Dubai Muncipality, Sharjah Transport, RTA, Ajman Police, RAK Economic Department, DHA, Ajman Transport, RAK Chamber of Commerce, and many more


Speaking about the changes in the printing industry and the regions business, he added, “The industry always welcomes the new technology and without the technological development we cannot grow. For instance, during the early days we were printing one million tickets for the RTA Dubai and now almost half of the things got changed into digital like cards, many more and we too have amiably welcomed it. The main challenges this industry faces is only due to the increase in the number of printing presses. I believe that the region has more than 1000 printing presses and it’s very huge as compared to any region. Due to the increase in the presses the competition goes stronger and stronger by the price wars.” 

Narrating about his company specialization, plans and awards, he added, “Even though we have opened in 2005 we have been able to expand ourselves to 70 x 100 format offset printing within a very shot span. Our products include catalogues, brochures, posters, magazines, books, promotional materials, roll up, banners and many more. The increasing demand for packaging applications has forced us to add the 5 colour 70 x 100 machine which has really reduced turn-around-time as well as increased the profit by a large margin. We have many machines specialized machines like Heidelberg, 4 colour machine, two online screen CTP machines, online Muller Martini Saddle Stitcher, 100 x 70 cm spot UV machine, and many more which are the main ones which are drawing the customer attention to be with us for a longer period. We have plans to explore the African region in the next five years and we may open a branch in Africa by next year, if everything goes as planned. Also, we have plans to expand our Omair Salam package unit, which was already executing in a steady growth. Apart from this, we are planning to expand our business towards the commercial and web in the next five years. If we speak about the awards then I have a lot to speak. We have been awarded by almost all the MEA regions like Qatar, Burundi, Ethiopia, Somalia, Tanzania, Sudan, and many more. Also, our major clients are UAE-DEWA, Dubai Muncipality, Sharjah Transport, RTA, Ajman Police, RAK Economic Department, DHA, Ajman Transport, RAK Chamber of Commerce, and many more. Apart from this we are soon expecting to receive ISO certification.”

Speaking about the demands in the region, issues facing for running a company, and credit period, he further says, “This region will always have demand even if the printing companies goes more than what it is now and whoever provides quality of service with good competitive price can merely survive. Retaining the employees is always a big concern if you are running a big company. However, with our services like accommodation, insurance and other benefits, our employee are much happy with us and that is why we have reached this good position along with them. The credit period is the one critical point to be considered and we always do not prefer to give them to all the customers to avoid risk.”

Signing off, he advices the printing companies to keep the margin and avoid giving credit facility to all the customers to overcome any crisis.