Vatche Kavlakian, CEO, NDIGITEC explains Prashant Chaurasia  how he kept up to the expectations of the purging technologies and embraced the necessary potential in the fast growing markets of UAE.

Rooting from Armenian decent, Vatche Kavlakian is a computer graduate from Syria. At the dawn of 90’s Kavlakian utilized the then newly integrating technologies of computer and printing businesses starting with prepress. “My know-how about computers and interest in the field of art and creativity gave a perfect pull towards the print business,” says Kavlakian.
Apparently, one of the pioneers in the field of IT integrated prepress services in the Middle East, He started with prepress, premedia, and reprographics service bureau, serving the ME markets and gradually ventured in the field of digital printing in the year 2000. “The digital shift was inevitable as the technology was progressing with time to keep up to it and to expand our services we added digital solutions,” said Kavlakian.

Starting with a mere figure of 10 employees NDIGITEC now have a staff of 75. In the year 2005, they shifted their base to Dubai and apparently was the first company to register at the International Media Production Zone pre-built unit. “In 2005 I partnered with Nesma Holdings from Saudi Arabia with the shift of base. Dubai’s infrastructure, logistics and its endeavours of being one of the global communication hubs interested me,” said Kavlakian.
With Interests in reading about technology, listening to music and an appetite for travel, Kavlakian believes that printing industry has gone through many changes over the years. Whether its shifting to integrated, computerised and digital platforms, from conventional processes to digital counterparts and desktop publishing. But the global industry has welcomed all the changes and still strives to the new expectations of the purging technologies.

Kavlakian believes in vertical (quality) expansion rather than horizontal (geographical) expansion. “Maintaining the quality or rather keep on improving is the only way to survive in the current industrial climate. Dubai has  the capacity to generate quality but it lacks standardization. There is a supply over demand situation in UAE and the number of presses playing the price wars are increasing. This impacts on the over all quality of market. And the only way to side-step this is to give the best to your costumers using better technology and maintaining standards.
NDIGITEC has created a single platform for all working activities called NDHD Platform, it shelters the positive side of different technologies like HD, Next, Lux, Pixal Plus, Flat Top, Automation Engine to generate all files with highest gamut possible. This platform was the result of Kavlakian & his team’s two decades of experience in the field.According to Kavlakian, the main challenges faced today are finding skilled labour and sustaining the over-head operating expenses. Ironically another problem faced is of retaining the skilled labour. To help this situation Kavlakian provides training, friendly working environments and strictly follows the guidelines under the labour laws.

Emphasising on the credit policy Kavlakian critiques, “The credit policies needs to be reviewed, The credit period taken by the print buyers is not doing any good to the industry. European standards has a strict 45 days policy, in our region it can be anything between 30 to 90 days and could expand more in worse situations. On the other hand if there is a strict law we could be able to generate more cash for the whole industry and burgeon together.”
NDIGITEC has won several appreciations namely, Best User Award in Middle East & HD certification by Esko, First company for using online project management portal for prepress and digital printing- Webcenter.

Recalling his most memorable moment, “When I received my first cheque in Dubai,” Kavlakian adds, “obviously it was hard earned and I will always remember how it has driven me ever since.” He believes in sustainable progress, having worked with international markets of Asia, Europe and Africa, five years down the line he sees NDIGITEC utilizing the technologies, maintaining the quality, fitting themselves to Dubai vision and most importantly ‘Doubling the Digits’.

For Kavlakian success in practical terms would be consolidating and concentrating all marketing activities of all divisions together (pre-press, digital printing & computer generated imagery) and creating a ‘one stop shop’ for making it easier for the consumers and brand owners. He defines success as, “The happiness and fulfilment for the share holders, suppliers, employees and the customers.”

Kavlakian signs off by advising printers in the region, “Stop engaging in price-wars. Quality with technology is the only device that can guarantee your survival in the industry.”