Hold on to your existing customers by offering best service with good quality

Bhagawan Y, general manager, Crown Printing Centre, Abu Dhabi in natter with Venkat Raghavan, shares his opinion about the current printing trends and his approach towards the printing press all these years.


Formerly from India, Bhagawan Y did his schooling in Kendriya Vidyalaya, Bangalore. After completing his schooling, he wanted to venture his career in Engineering which made him to join Bachelors of Engineering in Electronics at BMS Engineering College and completed the same in 1995. After completing Engineering he joined in a Telecommunication company for the marketing department. In 1998, few of his friends who were in Abu Dhabi have suggested him to come for a visit to search jobs as the whole region was booming well. One of

Success usually comes to those who are doing a thorough follow-up on all

Abdalla Rashid Ahmed Abdalla Alhammadi, managing director of Vision Printing and Publishing, LLC., Abu Dhabi in conversation withVenkat Raghavan, shares his opinion towards the current industry trends and what made him to start the printing press. 


Born and raised in Khor Fakkan, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, Abdulla Alhammadi has completed his schooling in Al Khalil Bin Ahmed in 1992 and then started to pursue his degree in accountancy at Al Ain Unversity. Later, he discontinued his

Always afford first preference to employees formerly the customer and finally to you

Philip James, managing director of Ali Jasim Printing Press LLC, Sharjah and Dubai in conversation withVenkat Raghavan, shares his vast experience towards the printing industry and how he handled the industry


Hailing from Kerala and raised in Kerala, India, Philip James completed his Schooling in Kerala and Bachelors of Arts degree in Commerce at Changanacherry in the year 1982. After completing his education in India he has joined as a forest officer in forest department at Kerala and

There should be a governance or association to look at the credit policies

Jai Lilaramani, managing director, Dar Al Andalus Printing Pub. & Dist. LLC ., in conversation withVenkat Raghavan, shares his experiences and future of the printing press in the region


Formerly from India, Jodhpur, Jai Lilaramani did his schooling in Hanumant Sr Secodary school. After completing his schooling in 1989 he immediately came to Dubai to visit his uncle who was planning to start the printing press on his own. Even though he has applied for the pre engineering entrance in

Always try to focus more on the global market and that would let to expand

Siju Madhavan, director of Al Alef Stationery & Printing Press L.L.C., Ajman in conversation with Venkat Raghavan, shares his views to improve and to create more revenues to the UAE printing industry.


Raised in Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram, Siju Madhavan completed the schooling from his Native place and the degree from Chempazhanthy. He pursued his Bachelors in Economics from Sree Narayana college and completed it in 2002. Later, he did his Master of Business Administration in HR and

It is always easy to get a client, but retaining the client is the toughest part

Ahmed Al Nowais, managing director of Venus Commercial Printing Press L.L.C., Abu Dhabi in conversation with Venkat Raghavan, shares his views on how  to improve and create more revenues to the UAE printing industry


Localite of emirates and educated in USA, Nowais completed his MBA in advertising and marketing in the year 1998 at the Portland State University, USA. After completing his degree, he did not want to waste his career in the country so he directly ventured  towards the

Pay the supplier as well as the staff on time to enhance your tenability


George Varghese, managing director of Al Sharjah Neon & Printing Press LLC, Sharjah in conversation withVenkat Raghavan, shares his opinion towards the printing industry and how to financially handle the impediments


Kerala-born and raised George Varghese completed his Schooling in his home town. Later he did the Bachelors in Commerce in Panampilly Memorial Government College at Chalakudy and completed the same in the year 1985. After completing the degree, he studied Masters in

Consistent efforts with honesty and devotion leads you to triumph

Mohammad Ghos Khawaja, managing partner of Al Omeira Printing & Publishing Co. LLC, shares his secret of success with Venkat Raghavan


Formerly from India, Mohammad Ghos Khawaja did his Science Graduatation from India. At the age of 12, he took the reins of life in his hand due to certain circumstances and he started to earn his own bread while studying in school by doing some trading. He then wanted to be self reliant as much as possible, and not to be a parasite to anybody, also

Do a thorough analysis of the job before sending the quote to dodge from peril


Discussions of N. Sathyadevan, managing director of Nabeel Printing Press, LLC, Ajman with Venkat Raghavan about what made him constructive after spending 48 years in UAE.


An elongated period resident of UAE, he was the former finance & ddministration manager of Ras-Al-Khaimah Port Authority (Mina Saqr). He is also a well-known philanthropist and is involved in many social and charitable activities in the UAE and India. N. Sathyadevan, hailing from Kerala and holding his Post

Have an ardent look at the suppliers and offer better amenity to customers

N. L. Ashok, managing director, Decent Printing Press, Sharjah in discussion with Venkat Raghavan, shares his assessments and technological growth he has seen so far in all these years


Born in Hyderabad and raised in Mumbai, N. L. Ashok completed his Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical at Usman University, Hyderabad. After his Engineering he pursued block making at Kohinoor Technologies, Mumbai. With the passion towards printing industry and with the experience he gained has let him

“Our brand inspires loyalty”: Lebegue



Lois Lebegue, managing director, ALMA Region and vice president, Eastman Kodak Company, outlines his perspective of industry trends and future during visit.



Our guest writer Lois Lebegue vice president of East Kodak outlines his vision of Kodak in the Middle East region


You’ve recently been placed in charge of the ALMA (Asia, Latin America, Middle East and Africa) region. What prompted this new grouping??

We’ve come to realise that there are certain traits that are common to

Always run your business with money what you have to do a safe business

Elias S. Khoriaty, general manager of Pioneer Printing Press, Sharjah in conversation withVenkat Raghavan, opines his general overview of the current market and how to improve the business in the coming years

Hailing from Lebanon, Elias S. Khoriaty completed his schooling from his hometown. After completing his schooling he wanted to do a degree which would allow him to learn all the organization process. He then, pursued the degree in accountancy and completed the same in 1978. Since

Never trick anybody and always gain the trustworthiness of your clients

Ajith Kumar B Pillai, managing director, Golden Line Printing Press LLC, Sharjah chats with Venkat Raghavan, while explaining how a company should be handled to attain success.


Completing the Bachelors of Arts in Economics at Sasthamkotta, Kerala, India, Ajith Kumar came to UAE in 1992. Since, his graduation is towards the economics he decided to challenge any industry which comes in his way but few of the senior persons as well as acquaintances suggested to him to enter the printing

Whenever the customer brings new ideas do not say no to it; rather take it

Basheer Mahmood, managing director of National Printing Press, Dubai, United Arab Emirates in conversation with Venkat Raghavan to give an ‘indepth overview’ of the trends and improvements of the printing business in this region as well as shared his experience and principles he followed until today


Hailing from Maharastra and settled in Dubai, Basheer Mahmood, accomplished all his schooling in his hometown. After doing his schooling he pursued Bachelors degree in Mumbai. After

Only with hardwork and God’s blessing you will be able to flourish

Sheela Rahim, managing director, Al Rawi Printing Press, Dubai in natter with Venkat Raghavan, shares her views and approach towards the printing press for all these years 


Born and raised in Kerala, Sheela Rahim completed her Bachelor of Science in chemistry at Alphonsa College, Kerala. After her post graduation in computer application she had a passion towards the printing industry and later with some experience she has opened a press on her own. 

Sheela says, “My career is a

There should be a credit bureau to identify the defaulters in the industry

Simon Noronha, managing director at Pearl Printing Press, LLC, Dubai in conversation with Venkat Raghavan, shares his three decade experiences in the printing industry and what has to be done in the industry


Hailing from Bangalore, India, Simon Noronha has completed his Bachelors of Commerce from Christ College in 1974. After completing his graduation he worked in Mumbai for ten years which later made him to open a printing press and colour separation unit in Dubai.

Talking about his

Quality in everything we do along with the competitive price and good service


Mohammed Abdul Rahman, managing director of Bin Omair Printing Press LLC, Ajman in conversation with Venkat Raghavan, shares his positive attitude towards the printing industry and how to handle the industry


Hailing from Kerala and raised in Kerala, India, Mohammed Abdul Rahman completed his Schooling in Kerala and Master of Arts degree in Malayalam. Later, he did a MBA in human resource and marketing in Dubai. After completing his education in India he decided to open a company in

Success springs from the fellowship and am proud of the team that retained me

P K Kumar, general manager from Global Printing Press, LLC, Abu Dhabi in conversation with Venkat Raghavan, shares his opinion about the regional inclinations about the printing industry


Hailing from the IT hub and Garden City of India, Bangalore, Kumar did his Masters in Marketing and Business Administration and Diploma in Printing Technology in Bangalore and started his career in 1990 as a senior marketing executive in a reputed Printing Industry in Bangalore.

Talking about his

Its not only about what machinery one owns, but solutions one can offer


In conversation with Shilpa Jasani,   Amit Radia - Chief ‘Motivation’ Officer of Atlas Group reminisces about the regional print industry in the eighties and nineties, while cautioning against sharply rising costs

Born in Kenya, Radia migrated to the UK in the eighties and took up his first job as an estimator in a printing press. “Within the first six months of taking up my assignment, the production manager of the firm resigned and a lot of his work fell on my shoulders.  Though, I

Teamwork is the only one that will allow you to retain your success forever

Zahid Hameed Khan, managing director of Excellent Printing Press L.L.C., Ajman in conversation with Venkat Raghavan, shares his views about the future of the printing industry in the region.


Hailing from Pakistan and raised from the Dangdeo Gujarmal-Punjab, Zahid Hameed Khan completed his high school and the degree from Pakistan. As on own wish he studied his degree in Law and completed it by 1985. Later, he did spare parts business in his country where he use to do business to the Army

To flourish, hold on to your loyal customers by continuing the service

Abdul Wahab Abdul Qadir, director of Express Printing Services L.L.C., Dubai in conversation with Venkat Raghavan, segments his opinion on how to approach the printing industry and to overcome the challenges


Formerly from India, Abdul Wahab did his GCSE’s in Surrey, UK.  Later came back to Dubai and studied Business Management in Dubai Aviation College. He has a BTEC National Diploma in Business & Finance, BTEC Higher National Diploma Business Studies and a Bachelors Honours Degree

Always do a smart job rather than doing hardwork to attain success

Discussions of Ghazi Torbay, general manager of Abu Dhabi Printing and Publishing Co.,  Abu Dhabi with Venkat Raghavan about the things he learnt in the printing industry and the technology he seen in his career


An elongated period resident of UAE, he was one of the person in the printing industry who have more printing industry education in his back. Ghazi Torbay pursued his education in media industry from Lebanon where he was born and brought up. He completed his education in the

Newspapers are no longer only about breaking news, rather indepth analysis

Senior vice president (finance and operations) of Galadari Printing & Publishing, Saghir Ahmed Khan gives Shilpa Jasani an ‘indepth overview’ of the trends and movements of the printing and publishing industry in UAE.


The future is digital platforms, by that I do not mean digital printing rather different forms of dessimination of information including web-publishing and online versions, e-newspapers, mobile applications among others,” explains the senior vice-president at Galadari

Jobs have to be estimated unerringly, it should not be cheapened to grab orders

Anil NS, managing director of Giant Printers LLC, Sharjah in conversation withVenkat Raghavan, shares his technical experience towards the printing industry and how he used it over these years to overcome recession

Hailing from Kerala and raised in Kannur district, India, Anil NS completed his schooling in his native place. Later, he did his Diploma in printing technology. After completing his education in India he decided to start his venture on the same and joined in a printing press

Success starts from a place of being happy and it’s a journey to be continued

Mumaij Moidu, managing director, Just Print Printing Press L.L.C., Dubai in conversation with Venkat Raghavan, shares his methodology over the printing industry to provide high standards with professionalism 


Hailing from Kerala and raised in both the Kannur and Dubai, Mumaij Moidu completed his high school in Dubai and the degree from India. Later, he did a MBA at Inter American University. After gaining over 5 years of experience in the printing industry, he decided to set up his own

Do not encourage or offer credit to customers to avoid getting perished

Joji Joseph, director of Al Sidra Printing Press L.L.C., Sharjah in colloquy withVenkat Raghavan about the printing industry over the region in the three decades and how is press grown over the years


Having three decades of experience in the printing industry Joji Joseph came to UAE in the year 1984. He pursued all his education in his native place called Chenganacherry from Kerala, India. Early in his career to gain experience he worked for few printing press before starting Al Sidra