Gulf News changing format (the only one in the Middle East to do so) from broadsheet to Berliner is a bold decision. If considerable savings in paper is generated, it is a welcome decision. Though why is it wrapped in a poly bag every day, is a questionable decision.

Printing business needs to become more 'than merely putting ink on paper', as one printer expressively puts it. Rather than indulging in chest beating about recession and excess capacity, every entrepreneur can look around him and unearth possibilities to expand revenue streams.

Atlas Printing Press is entering transpromo business, sensing immense potential in targeted marketing.

So often, large organisations like hypermarkets print promotional literature that is distributed to people who have no use of their products. Transpromo uses the wealth of information from databases to increase the 'strike rate' of advertising campaigns. This kind of direct mail marketing though popular in the West, is not too common in this region.

This idea and its timing, says the CEO of Atlas Printing Press germinated at Drupa, which is another example that exhibitions and trade fairs are not merely product and machinery launch platforms, but networking opportunities for 'out of the box' thought processes.