Manroland has been quickly set back on course with new backers for the German manufacturer. British owned private company, Langley Holdings are the investors behind a 100% takeover of the sheet fed printing equipment division and its properties portfolio in Offenbach, together with Manroland's international marketing operations in 40 countries, while the web-fed business goes to German group Possibly with a significant job cut. Both rescuers are hopeful of a turnaround by the end of the year. This edition we have carried an exclusive interview with the new owner of Manroland sheet fed division, Tony Langley.

The sixth edition of Dubai International Print Awards (DIPA) featured entries from North Africa, Levant and the Indian sub-continent besides the GCC region. What is now required is more inclusive participation. A special 3-page coverage for the winners of the awards has been allotted in the magazine.

In the latest developement, the chairman of Printing and Publishing Group (PPG), Ahmad Al Shaikh, has stepped down from the post he held since the inception of the PPG, 9 years ago. Though some members were keen to persuade him to reconsider, it seems his decision final and has been accepted by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce.