ATN Media-publishers of various B-2-B directories will be launching the region's first exclusive directory for the print industry. Enthusiastically received by the print fraternity, the PrintWeek Directory will be followed by an e-directory and a CD-rom.

Every entrepreneur would like their business advertised to as many people as possible, and listings in niche business directories is the most direct way of reaching the target audience.

Plastic packaging and coatings are almost always singled out as the main environmental culprits filling up our landfills. Packaging suppliers are now increasing efforts and investments in researching and commercially using eco-friendly packaging made from biodegradable resources.

The initiative by Innovia and Rotomec to promote biodegradable cellulose based transparent packaging film needs to be lauded. Those 'producers of inks, adhesives, resins and films, who are actively involved in research on new materials made from renewable sources that are compostable' are doing an exemplary service and their example needs to be emulated.

Finally, after a month of fasting and 'slow period in the ME's calendar year' comes the season time once again, time to increase business, time for trade shows and exhibitions, time to make money.Eid Mubaarak to all our readers.