Every manufacturer, distributor, printer or end user needs to walk that extra mile to contribute in any which way to a green and 'clean' lifestyle. What is required is a pro-active approach towards the three golden R's- reduce, reuse and recycle.

On this note the initiative by distributor Al Shabak Trading to recycle banners needs to be applauded or even the eco-publishing services offered by Dubai based Leading Brands selling soy inks. Kishor Gohil of Al Ghurair printing said in an interview that they have reduced 30% of their electricity bills through an energy drive.

No initiative is too small, no amount of written communication on the subject is an information overload and no action is too unimportant.

Xerox has reposed trust in the ME region with a huge investment in a custom made 97,000 square-feet office building. Printers have started reporting a slow but sure turnaround in their business and the market seems to be on the road to recovery.

This time round though, the industry must approach the improving market conditions with caution. Expenses should be kept in check, capacity must be increased judiciously, hedging of risks and most importantly, selling below cost and undercutting must certainly be guarded against.

Innovate, optimise and value-add should be the mantra of every printer.