Newcomers tend to undercut prices, leading to a challenging situation

Owner and director (marketing) of Chrysels Digital Advertising, Samuel Thomas shares with Shilpa Jasani his reservations of newcomers entering the market without sufficient knowledge or experience of the industry.

Advertising company for indoor and outdoor solutions, Chrysels Digital Advertising operates out of 25,000 square feet factory premises located in the Al Quoz area in Dubai.  The company specialises in flag printing, indoor/outdoor signage, POP, kiosks among others.
Chrysels Digital was established in 2007 by two partners, Samuel Thomas and Babu Radhakrishnan.  “We initially established a textile printing company, to which we added digital indoor and outdoor machines and are now entering the fabrication market. In the initial

Remember the lessons that recession has taught us & move forward with it

Varkey Oommen, managing director, Alpha Printing Press, Dubai in conversation with Prashant Chaurasia narrates his times in the printing industry from past four decades and discusses his endeavours for the years to come.

With an appetite of business and technology, Varkey Oommen hails from the beautiful town of Mannar located in Alleppey, Kerala, India. Varkey says, “I used to live in a very small village  where it was difficult to have a know-how about technology and business. This somehow

We were able to solve any problem due to the efforts of our experienced team

General manager of QPress, Farag Ahmed Abdulmajeed explains to Shilpa Jasani that creativity arising from healthy competition and customer satisfaction are the keys to success.

I am passionate about printing.  The continuous technological evolution in machinery and equipment, the modern software and professional applications appeal to the printer in me," explains the general manager of QPress, Farag Ahmed Abdulmajeed.
A commerce graduate from Ain Shams University, Egyptian national Abdulmajeed

Experience, good work and knowledge will perhaps save you for the long run

C.V. Kurian, owner of Century Printing Press based in Dubai shares with Prashant Chaurasia  his  interesting vintage take,  with  40 years worth of experience in the Middle Eastern printing & publishing markets.

‘Born Printer’ is apparently sufficient to describe C.V. Kurian. Rooting from Kottayam, Kerala which is popularly known as land of latex, and the land of first news paper, Deepika, Kurian got acquainted to printing at a very fledgling age. Kurian says, “My father was associated to

We see endless scope and possibilities says CEO of Eiffel Printing Press

Kurian Thomas, owner and CEO of Eiffel Printing Press (Sharjah), and Kurians Printing Press (Dubai) tells Shilpa Jasani how his father has influenced his acumen, business and investment decisions

I feel humbled when I witness the dedication and commitment of my father who has single handedly been sales manager, accountant, production manager, delivery man, owner and managing director when he established Eiffel Printing Press. My father can operate most machines himself. Even now, every so

Vertical quality-based expansion is the only necessity in present climate

Vatche Kavlakian, CEO, NDIGITEC explains Prashant Chaurasia  how he kept up to the expectations of the purging technologies and embraced the necessary potential in the fast growing markets of UAE.

Rooting from Armenian decent, Vatche Kavlakian is a computer graduate from Syria. At the dawn of 90’s Kavlakian utilized the then newly integrating technologies of computer and printing businesses starting with prepress. “My know-how about computers and interest in the field of art and creativity

Print will grow substantially for one decade, inspite of the IT revolution

Beginning his career at the age of 19 as a salesman with M.A.Almoayyed, the chairman of Dar Akhbar Al Khaleej Printing and Publishing, Abdulrahman established Al Hilal Corporation in 1973 and spearheaded the launch of Bahrain's first Arabic daily newspaper, Akhbar Al Khaleej in 1976 and the English-language daily, Gulf Daily News in 1978.

Says the chairman, "Al Hilal Group is a leading publishing house in the Middle East, publishing a range of newspapers and magazines including "Gulf Weekly"

Backing trade shows as progressively educative experience for advancement

David  Moujaes, general manager of Four Films Printing Press, Kuwait, in conversation  with Prashant Chaurasia, recalls the burgeoning of highly mechanized ‘metal slug era’ into the inevitable age of digital advancements for the assertive markets in Kuwait.

David Moujaes, son of George Moujaes, the founder and owner of Four Films Printing Press (Estd. 1976), Kuwait is the present general manager shouldering the responsibility since mid-nineties. Originally a Lebanese, born in Kuwait, he holds

Printing is just like bread that one would require everyday, everywhere

My father worked in security printing for 40 years, starting his career with Thomas de la Rue in Burma, one of the largest currency printers in the world, which in hindsight may have sparked my interest in the field," explains Vijay Menon, the general manager of Khalifa Juma Al Nabooda Group owned Dubai Printing Press. "I too started my career in 1973 in a security printing press in Nashik, India operated by the Government of India. When I joined, it was the only press in India doing security

Working under times of crisis serves to strengthen an organization in long run

Mohsen Nasry, owner and general manager of Concorde Printing Press Shoubra, Cairo in conversation with Prashant Chaurasia elucidates his 30 years of experience in the ancient markets of Egypt, today facing an unprecedented economic challenge.

Electrical engineer by qualification, Mohsen Nasry studied at Ain Shams University, Cairo Governorate. He established the Concorde Printing Press in the capital city of Egypt in 1981,  starting with minimal investment & manpower of just 8 employees.

When one sector in the print industry contracts, other areas show potential

We were the first printers in the region to invest in Heidelberg's CD machine," says Babukutty. "We have always bought machinery only when we are sure that the investment is justified. Our growth and investment has been slow but steady."

T S Babukutty, general manager of Al Mawrid Printing and Advertising has held the position since 1985, when the print shop was a small start-up unit employing 15 people. "My first job was in India and later I migrated to Nigeria to take up a teaching post. I

Success is never an accident. It is the final product of continuous hard work

Abdullah A. Al-Moallem, general manager of Khaleej Afan Printing Press, shares with Prashant Chaurasia  the experience & hardwork he put in to transform a small scale commercial print business into a ‘state-of-the-art technologically equipped press’.

A graduate in computer science, Abdullah A.Al-Moallem from Saihat (near Dammam), Eastern Province, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the vice-president of the Al-Moallem Group of Companies. His efforts and interest has transformed the Saihat Printing

UPP enters security printing with new installation, production from mid-June

The Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi told me 'We are proud of you, my son', that is the most memorable moment in my life," recalls Ali Saif Al Neaimi, CEO of United Printing and Publishing.

These words of encouragement were spoken by the Crown Prince when he found out that UPP had employed 11 local ex-lawbreakers, accused of petty crimes, after training them at their premises, while larger organisations volunteered to take in 1 each.

Studying management and finance from the Higher College of

In the seventies all youngsters in our village dreamed of coming to the Gulf

Chairman and managing director of Delta Group, Kabeer Jalaluddin shares with Shilpa Jasani his future plans of putting Delta Group in the forefront of the regional map

landing in UAE in 1977 at the ‘tender’ age of 21, current owner of Delta Group, Jalaluddin reminisces about his life journey.  “Looking at earning a fortune in life, I reached Dubai with stars in my eyes and got a sales and cleaning job in a garment shop in Sharjah.  At the end of the day, I was given AED 30/-  and terminated on

We introduced many products and processes in Bahrain and Gulf markets

Oriental Printing Press celebrates its 60th anniversary this year," says Majeed Al Zeera, president of Oriental Printing Press. "My father Issa Al Zeera and his partner K.A. George started the business in 1952 with two hand-fed letterpress platen machines, some composing racks, manual binding, wire stitching, guillotine in Central Manama. The idea to start a printing shop came when they went to one of the two printing companies in Bahrain to print some stationery and saw a notice on the

Merger and acquisition to consolidate capacity, reduce cost & increase efficiency

Salman Al Jishi, owner and chairman of Salman Group of companies, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in conversation with Prashant Chaurasia, discusses major issues of funding, excess of supply over demands, consolidations, credit policies and the age of printing in past & present Arabian markets.

I saw an advertisement of a ‘Printing Press for sale’ and my desire to be an entrepreneur made me take the risk of bidding for it and working to turn it around. This was the beginning of my first printing

We plan to be the preferred choice for printing and designing in Tanzania

"Success to me," says Azim M Somji, group managing director of Tanzania based MM Group, "has been offering the right price, unmatched quality and catering to every demand to please and satisfy our clients. Being in the right place at the right time is also very important."

Established on 14th November, 1999, the MM Group has the outdoor signage company MM Signs and large format printing firm 2M Media under its banner, besides various other companies. Elaborates Somji, "My career started with

Clients & customer driven growth with goodwill and hardwork of employees

M.G. Ittan, director of AST Group Of Companies in conversation with  Prashant Chaurasia reveals his endeavours for  transforming a single machine self-employed venture into a grand success of 280+ employees with over 2000 machines.

ack in 1982, a civil engineer from Kochi, India, M.G Ittan landed on the shores of an extreme development potential area UAE, and took his first job with a UK based architectural and consultancy firm Rice Perry Ellis and Partners.
 Evoked by the thought of how

We would like to be regional leaders in LED for signage and advertising

Among the largest distributors of acrylic in the Middle East, Blue Rhine operates out of 100,000 square metre space, from 5 locations within UAE.

Established in 1996, as a general trading company, Blue Rhine finally found its calling in outdoor signage and resellers of acrylic, POP and display stands, large format print, LED's, vinyl's, textiles etc, and more recently machinery including plotters, die cutters among others.

"We took a strategic decision to split our entire UAE operations

Workers should be technically updated & well trained with latest equipments


Prashant Chaurasia in conversation with Nadim Elias, CEO of Sahara Printing Company & chairman of Elias Modern Publishing House in Egypt, shares his far sighted rear mirror  view for vibrant Egyptian publishing, backing innovation as the way to move fast forward

Born in 1951 Egypt, Nadim Elias belongs to a family having a long traditional publishing and printing heritage. Nadim is the grandson of Elias Antoun Elias, author of the famous Elias Modern Dictionary and founder of Elias

Masar Printing is a commercial entity, which is self funded

The view that all printers should take, is not that so-and-so company is competing with us and taking away our share, rather all of us should present UAE as a printing hub. National goals should take precedence over personal goals, we should work together, cooperate and collaborate in getting orders from overseas markets," says the general manger of Masar Printing and Publishing. "Today, we are competing with developed markets in other parts of the world. Many companies unfortunately are

We need to keep abreast of technology & embrace true digital print potential



Graeme Selby, general manager of Mazoon Printing Publishing & Advertising, Oman shares with Prashant Chaurasia his extensive experience in Middle East region with dynamic trends, evolving technologies and the relative policies.


During the particularly tough economic times in UK and Europe in the 70’s, there were lots of industry strikes and discontent in the workplace. I remember once during a visit to a friend’s father’s printshop in Nottingham, I had liked the look and feel of

Price wars between printers harm the industry, we should support each other

Printers can reap the benefits of a healthier print arena, were they need to unite under an association like the Printing and Publishing Group (PPG). Undercutting will lead to unhealthy competition between the presses within the industry," explains the executive director of the family owned Asiatic Printing Press, Vipin Ramachandran.

A mechanical engineer by qualification, Ramachandran joined his father and brother S J Nair, who established the Asiatic Printing Press. The family-owned business

Without exports, printing companies will not survive in our region

Elie Raphael of Arab Printing Press talks to Shilpa Jasani about the challenges facing the printing industry in Lebanon, while dreaming of expanding his business into other Middle Eastern and African countries.
One of the most memorable moments in my career is when APP won an order to print textbooks for the Ministry of Education in Iraq for $11 million," says Stanford-educated chairman and general manager of Arab Printing Press, Elie Raphael.
Armed with a bachelors degree in industrial

We resolve complaints within 24 hours from anywhere in the world

" I am a workaholic, having started my career when I was 14 years old," says industry stalwart, Ajay Goenka, chairman and managing director of Rainbow Papers. "I joined my father and the family business as paper distributors, and was able to contribute to expanding our business, increasing the turnover from 50 tonnes per month to 1000 tonnes per month."

After gaining experience as paper trader and distributor, Goenka turned his attention to manufacturing, establishing a small company Rainbow

We plan to establish a new press in Abu Dhabi to exclusively print newspapers

Chairman of Al Fajr group, Obaid Humaid Al Mazrooei walks through memory lane, recounting how the first copy of his newspaper Dar Al Fajr printed at his press was a 'dream come true'

The UAE is a different market, there are 6 million foreigners.  The print industry here is much more exposed to technology, knowhow comes in from all corners of the world giving us an added advantage in the region.  Our leaders have long term vision.  Personally I have gained from the close interaction with them, I