Product Reviews

Jetrix KX6U-LED

InkTec’s brand new entry-level signage and graphics flatbed.

What does the printer do?

It is a new flatbed inkjet printer with UV-LED curing lamps. The bed format is 2.5x1.3m for hand-loaded sheet materials up to 100mm thick and there is provision for a 2.2m wide roll-to-roll feed. This is a mid-sized model in the Jetrix range, able to take standard sized 2.4x1.2m (8x4ft) boards. The largest Jetrix Xi8, launched last year, can take two of these boards at once, so one can be loaded/unloaded while another is being printed. The smallest current model is the JX3, with a 1.2x1.2m bed, but so far that has not been released with UV-LED lamps. InkTec Europe is based in Witney near Oxford, but the printers are made in its Korean factory. The company

QuarkXPress 2018

The long-standing DTP app with improved capabilities and output flexibility.

What does it do?
QuarkXPress 2018 is the latest annual update to this long-established computer layout program dating back to the 1980s. It introduces a range of new features and controls for type, PDF creation, web/mobile creation and scripted automation.
In general, QXP allows the creation of multi-page or multi-component designs for print or web/mobile and interactive/video. It has sophisticated typography and shape

Dilli Neo Sirius

A printer to print directly on both flexible and rigid media.

What does it do?
The Dilli Neo Sirius 1.6m is the most recent expansion to the Dilli portfolio of UV Hybrid printers. It can print directly on rigid and flexible (roll to roll) media upto 5 cm. The Neo Sirius has best in class features like  Dilli True Variable Dot Printing powered by 4 colour Gray Scale Ricoh Gen5 from 0pl to 21pl, LED curing system, Auto Gap preset System, Print Head Collision Prevention system, Anti- Static System

ISAG fastBook Professional

A high-speed system for digitally printed layflat book blocks.

What does it do?
The fastBook Professional is a complete layflat book block production line for larger-format books. It is manufactured by Imaging Solutions (ISAG), the Swiss developer of high-end binding and printing equipment for the photo and luxury book market. It is supplied in the UK and Ireland by Perfect Bindery Solutions (PBS).

Max block format:
450x450mm (18x18in)
Min block format:
Max block thickness: