Product of the Month

Crispy Mountain Keyline

A recent addition to the available MIS options intended to cover all bases.

What does it do?
Keyline is a cloud-based print production automation system with built in production scheduling, estimating and other management information functions. The software is developed and owned by Crispy Mountain in Germany.

When was it launched and what market is it aimed at?
Keyline was launched in Germany in 2014. According to Beckett “Keyline is aimed at digital and litho printers who get large numbers of jobs and want to reduce touch points and automate workflow.”

How does it work?
Keyline is cloud-based, meaning it operates as software-as-a-service (SAAS), hosted by remote servers, so there’s no need for local hardware or IT support. Users can access it


A flatbed printer specially designed to offer optimal flexibility, Words by Som John

What does it do?
JETi - MIRA is an award winning & a versatile UV LED curing Flat Bed printer. It can virtually print anything and on all rigid substrates with strong adhesion of inks and wide colour gamut.
In addition, it can print on flexible substrates with the usage of RTR option which  is dockable. Media: banners, posters, signage (e.g. traffic or industrial information), exhibit graphics, POP, mock-ups

Gallus Smartfire

This all in one entry-level digital production line is Gallus’ offering for anyone entering the short run labels market, Words by Barney Cox

What does it do?
The Smartfire is a narrow-web digital label line that combines aqueous inkjet printing with inline laminating and semi-rotary die cutting and includes an easy to use Human Machine Interface (HMI) to handle costing, pre-press and production in one.

Max resolution: 1,600x1,600 or 1,600x800dpi
Max speed: 9m/min or 18m/min depending

Morgana RDC

Morgana hopes to build on its stealthy early entry into the rotary die-cutter market by making more noise about its new machine, Words by Barney Cox

What does it do?
The RDC is a small-format rotary die-cutter that uses metal dies for cutting, kiss cutting, scoring and perforating. Like similar machines from Duplo and Horizon it is a reimagining of the ubiquitous converted Heidelberg Cylinder updated for the digital age. That is to say to handle today’s needs for ease-of-use, fast setup with