Product of the Month

GMG ColorServer

Colour has always been a complicated issue and something of a sacred cow too, demanding love and attention from the experts to get it right. That’s all changing now as the black art of colour control succumbs to automation and the adoption of standards just like so many other craft-based skills that have gone by the wayside.

With more and more firms looking to adopt printing specification ISO 12647, the award has highlighted the importance of matching the right CMYK separations to on-press performance. Not all CMYK is created equal – even if it’s intended for the same printing conditions – and a different CMYK breakdown may pass muster on proof, but prove a problem on press.At its most basic, ColorServer

Kodak Versamark

Kodak’s Versamark can claim to be the pioneer of high-speed inkjet continuous-feed colour printing. It has been more than a decade since it announced the technology and installed the first machine at Israeli transactional print firm Be’eri in 2000. Back then, Versamark was Scitex Digital Printing, which itself was created when Kodak sold its high-speed inkjet business to the then Israeli printing technology giant Scitex.

Things have come full circle with the Dayton, Ohio

KBA Rapida 75

KBA describes its Rapida 75 as “the overnight success that was 200 years in the making”. The press got its official launch at last year’s Drupa exhibition and incorporates elements from earlier B2 models – the Rapida and Performa 74 presses, as well as technology borrowed from KBA’s high-end 105 and 205 machines.

The 75 is manufactured at KBA’s Czech subsidiary Grafitec. This is the same factory that used to make the Polly offset presses years ago, prior

Fujifilm Brillia HD Pro-V

When is a processless plate not a processless plate? When it’s a chemistry-free plate! But is a chemistry-free plate really chemistry-free? How could it be, it’s made of stuff? These riddles and bad jokes make deciphering claims about the latest plate technologies a minefield for the unwary printer and a pedant’s playground when it comes to interpreting the vendors’ marketing claims and counter claims.

When it launched Brillia HD Pro-V, Fuji tried to clarify things