“Businesses should not forget their responsibility towards humanity”

Riyadh-based Raqam International Labels and Ribbons Factory general manager Khalid Aziz Shah discusses his business, achievements, success mantra and  sustainability.

Everything starts with an identification label according to Khalid Aziz Shah, the general manager of Saudi Arabia’s Riyadh-based Raqam International Labels and Ribbons Factory.

Canadian national Shah studied computer programming and holds a masters degree in public administration. His desire to be creative and do things differently led him to start a barcode business. “Soon after in 2003, Raqam International took shape to support our former business of barcoding,” Shah said.

Raqam International is a 100% Canada-Saudi based foreign investment company, which started out

Konica Minolta gears up for Fintech Technology Conference

Konica Minolta Business Solutions Middle East in partnership with Al Mulla Office Automation Solutions has announced its participation in the Fintech Technology Conference & Exhibition to be held between 22-24 October 2019 in Kuwait.

Al Mulla Office Automation Solutions (OAS) is a ‘total solutions provider’, for office automation-related products and services. The company offers its customers a complete range of office-automation solutions, through a portfolio of products and after-sales

Kodak unveils Sonora Plate Savings Estimator

Investing in new technology is an important decision a business faces when trying to improve their operations. For an increasing number of printers, switching to Kodak Sonora process-free plates is an investment that is having a positive impact, greater operational efficiencies and a clear Return on Investment.

To help printers who are considering switching to process free, Kodak developed the Sonora Plate Savings Estimator. This online tool allows printers to calculate their estimated savings

Latex certification programme for HP R printer series rigid media

HP and Color Concepts will introduce the new Latex Certification Programme for the R Printer Series for rigid media. Color Concepts is an exclusive Latex Certification partner of HP and will offer this programme in the USA and the EMEA region.

This programme is a milestone in the HP Latex Certification Programme, it provides the possibility to explore a wide range of applications. HP believes that the HP Latex Certification Programme for R Printer Series is the right way to deliver great

Xerox Baltoro replaces Brenva, set to compete with Canon’s Varioprint

Xerox recently announced the availability of its Baltoro High Fusion Inkjet Press. “Xerox was consistent in positioning the Baltoro as a ‘platform’ in the model of the Trivor, iGen and DocuTech series of devices,” a press release from the firm said.

Xerox had earlier announced that Baltoro would displace Brenva. Accordingly, Xerox sold out its inventory of Brenva devices in the first half of 2019 and discontinued production.

Chris Irick, worldwide product marketing manager, entry