Flexofit GmbH celebrates “Silver Jubilee” in the capital of Egypt

The Flexofit GmbH celebrated their 25th successful seminar in Cairo, Egypt on the 12th March. This first of a kind event in the Mashrek region drew a highly interested expert audience from all over Egypt to the capital.
International company representatives from Chespa, Renzmann/TCS and Esko presented latest industry news and developments in printing and packaging. The plate supplier Lucky regaled the local top convertors and trade shops representatives with a lecture on printing plates.
The home country of paper (papyrus was developed in Egypt 5000 years ago) has become a growing market for packaging in recent years. Huge investments in printing presses are happening, flourishing from a more professionalized production market in local

AR Packaging’s new board

AR Packaging has presented a gas tight pressed board tray packaging for chilled foods as a replacement of plastic trays, which the company says is the first on the market and offers an efficient solution well suited for giving a shelf life of at least 18 days.
The increasing demand for sustainable packaging has led to work on a gas tight carton-based trays. The solution now launched is based on technologies and materials from CC Pack and Flextrus, both plants situated in Sweden.
“We have invested

Stora scales back Oulu conversion plan

Stora Enso is consulting with employees over revised plans to convert Oulu Mill to packaging board. The latest proposal would involve shutting one of the site’s paper machines with the potential loss of 400 jobs.
Last summer the biomaterials group announced a feasibility study into converting its entire production of more than a million tonnes of Lumi coated woodfree paper into brown-based cartonboard and kraftliner on the two paper machines at the Oulu site in Finland, involving an investment

KODAK FLEXCEL enables time-saving workflow

KODAK FLEXCEL NX Ultra Solution at W&H Printing Technology Center enables time-saving flexo workflow.
Kodak partnered in the “Experience the Future of Flexo” Open House event held by Windmöller & Hölscher (W&H) on March 27 and 28, 2019 in Lengerich, Germany. At this event, it attracted customers and prospects from the global flexo printing industry, Kodak showcased its new, innovative KODAK FLEXCEL NX Ultra Solution for the first time outside the United States. The W&H Printing

Turkish packaging company becomes new member of GPA

The Turkish packaging manufacturer PrintPark is a new member of the Global Packaging Alliance (GPA). The global alliance now unites nine independent packaging companies under its roof with the aim of enabling uniform brand presences for FMCG market leaders worldwide. The latest expansion is not only an opening towards the Bosporus, but also offers the GPA a presence with a view to the strategically important markets in the MENA region.
“With PrintPark, we are pleased to expand GPA’s position in