Dubai based paper distributors, Papers Worldwide has released 2 new swatchbooks for the Middle East region.
Ashita Judge, CEO of Papers Worldwide says: “Our 2 new swatchbooks for the ME region consist of ‘Arabesque Swatchbook”, which is our master book with all paper products and brands offered through Papers Worldwide displayed in one place and  the other one is the ‘Neo Collection’ featuring our newly launched coated fine paper selection.  The Arabesque Swatchbook is divided into 4 books for convenience - book 1 and 2 is the ‘White Hot’ selection covering the white shades of paper.  While book 3 is the ‘Warm Neutral’ or nude, cream shades and book number 4 ‘high fashion’ covering the coloured and pearlised range. The Neo Collection is our budget range of papers.”
Representing Neenah Papers, Monadnock, Crane Papers, Fibermark, Vilaseca,  Moorim Papers, along with APP and International Paper in the region, Papers Worldwide is currently looking at consolidation over expansion.
Judge explains: “The printing, publishing and paper industries are in  crisis situation right now with huge outstanding in the market and undercutting of prices at all levels. Presses and clients are looking for cheap options in every sphere and quality is suffering. We seem to be moving to the lowest-priced spectrum for all papers whether packaging, fine paper or luxury segments with contracts won on lowest price criteria over quality. The volatility in the ME region is ongoing but these two years 2016-17 have been tougher than previous years. Numerous presses including several big names have shut down or sold out leaving huge debts in the market, not thinking of the roll on effect on the suppliers who have given them credit and material. These presses must be boycotted by all suppliers coming together if we have to prevent this scenario from playing out once again in a few years. Paper suppliers have to come together instead of undercutting each other as we end up suffering the most, this really is the lesson to be learnt from this crisis.Still I am optimistic that this market correction will leave the best ones standing in the end and the market place will clean itself out to a great extent.”