Paper manufacturer UPM has launched a new innovation, UPM Impresse plus C, an SC paper custom-developed for coldset web offset printing. UPM Impresse plus C offers a smoother, glossier finish and magazine-quality result for CSWO printing.
“Customers with coldset presses told us they needed to make better use of their capacity and expand into new areas of commercial printing but they couldn’t compete with the quality of heatset and rotogravure printers,” explains Olli Juntunen, product manager at UPM Jämsä River Mills in Finland.
“We realized there is a need for a new, innovative product. Working closely with our customers, we devoted two years of extensive research and development until we were confident that UPM Impresse plus C met their exact requirements. The silky finish and smooth feel are exceptional.”
UPM Impresse plus C is offered in three grammages: 48 g/m², 51 g/m² and 54 g/m².
The Supercalendered paper (SC) grade is suitable for Magazines, special-interest supplements, value-added advertising materials, flyers, inserts due to its silk finish.  It is available in reel widths of 40 - 250 cms,  and has EMAS, EU Ecolabel, FSC Chain of Custody, PEFC Chain of Custody, ISO 14001, ISO 9001 certification.
“UPM Impresse plus C helps printers boost productivity by utilising spare press capacity to print magazines, inserts, value-added advertising and special-interest supplements – all in outstanding quality,” added Juntunen.  “The superb look and feel means you can satisfy a new range of customer needs – and expand your core business into new commercial areas that used to be out of reach. Reconfiguring your presses for the new paper is simple and the smoother paper needs less ink than traditional newsprint grades, making it even more cost effective.”