Sappi has collaborated with Felix Schoeller Group to first jointly developed paper-based packaging solution is part of the Sappi Guard range. It has high barrier properties with integrated barriers against water vapour, oxygen and grease. In addition, it also has excellent sealing properties. The 100 g/m2 paper composite is a sustainable solution and a very good alternative to existing commercially available plastic and aluminium packaging. Developed for the food sector, it consists of 80% renewable raw materials.
“We are very proud that, despite the publication of our cooperation agreement only in January 2017, we are already in a position to announce a solution. The announcement followed the success of a longer cooperation between the two companies as developing packaging papers with integrated functionalities requires highly specialised expertise which needs to be successfully combined”, reflects René Köhler, Head of Business Development at Sappi Packaging and Speciality Papers.
The cooperation includes the joint development of sustainable barrier paper solutions for flexible packaging applications. The two companies have unique competencies in their business areas which they have combined to offer branded product manufacturers more sustainable and efficient packaging solutions for their products.
Felix Schoeller Group is an international business that produces high-quality papers for analogue and digital photo printing, digital printing, nonwovens for the wallpaper industry, decor papers and release liners.