Hamburger Containerboard said it has completed an EUR 20 million paper machine upgrade project at its mill in Germany.  The mill produces  white testliner and grey plasterboard.
The project included increasing the machine’s production width to 5 meters, along with upgrades to the film press and drying section. In addition, a new pope reeler to accommodate wider diameters and an upgraded soft-nip calendar were installed.
The updated production line now has the capacity to produce 250,000 tons of uncoated containerboard per year, which is an increase of 20% compared to the machine’s previous output.
Hamburger Rieger, which is a part of the Hamburger Containerboard Division, operates three paper mills located at Spremberg, Gelsenkirchen and Trostberg in Germany. Hamburger Containerboard Division is part of the recycling, paper and packaging firm Prinzhorn Group. Hamburger Containerboard, part of Prinzhorn Group (Austria), has a total of seven paper mills with the combined capacity to produce two million tons per year of containerboard.