Mepco Gulf with its European partner International Paper conducted a special conference at Shangri La Hotel, Dubai on 26th of January and presented their specialty products in Digital papers and how they can further enhance the image of HP. The presentation included a presentation of International Paper company, the HP range, Colorlok technology and environmental credentials.
International Paper Worldwide was founded in 1898 and they are one of the world’s largest producers of paper and packaging. Their two key platform businesses are uncoated paper & pulp and  packaging. HP and International Paper relationship begins with the launch of first item in 1996. Apart from this, HP Papers will be celebrating its 20th anniversary in Europe.
Fadi J Baaklini, managing director, commented about the Mepco Gulf, “Everyone knows that Mepco is a leading paper & board trader in the Middle East, North Africa and Indian sub-continent.” ColorLok may seems not on the customer’s radar but with the exposure, it makes an impact! Exposure to the benefits or ColorLok reveal its ability to further elevate HP brand perceptions,” he added about the product.
He further added about The ColorLok Challenge: The participants of the demo presented with a blind selection of HP ColorLok and store brand paper print outs. Everything was printed on the same printer by using the same inks. Participants were asked to identify their preferences between the two. The outcome of the result unimaginery. Participants unanimously and independently - expressed preference for the HP ColorLok paper.
According to International Paper spokesperson, “ColorLok ‘wow’ factor serves to build value for HP. On average - with our sample of 44 respondents - we see an expected price that is $2.35 higher per ream for ColorLok versus non ColorLok. While few are willing to pay this high of a premium, many express openness to paying ~30% more for ColorLok.