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If you are looking to purchase a Canon camera and you are not sure which option will suit your needs, this guide will help you understand all of the product ranges and the purposes they have been specifically designed for. All of the products are available for purchase online or in any authorized shop in the world, including in the Canon Dubai location, which provides solutions to consumers in the Middle East region, in both the private and business sectors.

Choosing from such a wide range of products, with diverse specifications, can be confusing, but after understanding the applications that they are intended for, it will surely be easier to make the right decision.

The ones who do not intend to splurge on a camera or the ones who just want to capture important moments in their life can choose from standard cameras that are easy to carry around ad are designed for everyday use. The Ixus compact cameras are basic, easy to use options and are aimed to be used for taking personal pictures with family and friends. Also, due to their compact design, they are a preferable alternative for taking holiday pictures, if you are not extremely passionate about photography and you just want to capture the moment. Professional users might consider that these simple devices lack some important features. The PowerShot line comes in a variety of options, such as waterproof versions, flip up screen alternatives, travel zoom or bridge versions and are extremely versatile and portable, while also offering high quality images. 

For the ones who are passionate about photography and are just beginning to discover it, there is a good choice of DSLR cameras specifically designed by Canon in order to meet the needs of hobbyist photographers. Enthusiasts can enjoy one of the models with more direct access controls and enable them to change the settings quickly and effectively. The EOS range consists of intuitive and user friendly options, even for the ones who are just starting to learn a few things about photography. The settings can be customized from semi-automatic to manual, allowing you to decide when it is the right time to take over them.

For the professional photographers, as well as for the amateurs who are looking for the best performance, there are many different models from the EOS line that have advanced settings and offer a more generous sensitivity range and allow you to set the desired options in order to create the desired shot.

If you want to find out more about the specifications for each camera in any of the ranges or you have any questions, the professionals at the Canon Dubai branch will be more than happy to answer to any enquiry you might have.